The CSTS Course

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The CSTS Course
CSTS has 12 lessons and 49 topics
CSTS has 12 lessons and 49 topics.

Each topic is broken into two learning styles:

Linear video in the Study Section
Interactive multimedia in the Check Section

Lower literacy learners can click on any text in the course and the "Reading Machine" will read it for them.

Course instructions are available at the Main Menu and context sensitive help is available in all sections.

The Study Section

CSTS has 2 hours of video content.

Video provides work site context using actual workers, equipment, and materials.

Full-motion video is shot on industry locations to effectively illustrate safe work practices.

An on-camera host assumes the role of an experienced and sympathetic mentor.

Video is available in two formats:

The Check Section

Interactive multimedia is used to teach content and help learners develop problem-solving skills.

There are more than 170 multiple choice questions.

To aid learning, positive reinforcement is given for correct and incorrect responses.

Review mode lets learners move quickly through the check section to find specific information.

The Test Section

There are over 180 multiple choice questions.

Tests are randomly generated.

Learners can review and change their answers before submitting tests.

Learners receive test scores and pass/fail feedback.

Learners can review the questions they got wrong.

Learners are retested only on the topic areas they failed.

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