The db-4000EZ Noise Dosimeter

Source: Metrosonics, A Quest Technologies Brand
The new db-4000EZ Personal Noise Dosimeter is designed for the infrequent user. It's simple user interface saves you time and money without compromising on quality...
The new db-4000EZ Personal Noise Dosimeter is designed for the infrequent user. It's simple user interface saves you time and money without compromising on quality.

A laminated Quick-Start Instruction Card fits neatly in your shirt pocket and contains all the instructions that are required for routine surveys. An optional vibrating belt clip alarm and user friendly on screen icons notify workers and monitoring technicians quickly and simply when permissible exposures levels are reached.

Although simple to use, the db-4000EZ noise dosimeter is a powerful professional grade instrument that provides documented calibrations and a comprehensive set of measured and calculated test results.

Test results may be obtained using any one of the following three methods:

1. Directly from the instrument display.

2. Through your PC using the Microsoft® Windows'® HyperTerminal communications utility.

3. Through our Metrosoft® model ms-4000EZ software program. ms-4000EZ provides a convenient and simple report that may be stored on your computer and is the recommended PC method. An IR serial communications cable (part no. 53-857) is required to interface with your PC and may be ordered separately. For customer convenience, ms-4000EZ and the required communications cable are included when you order kit part numbers DB-4000EZ-CBL, DB-4000EZ-10M or 5DB-4000EZ-10M. Part number DB-4000EZ is available for users not requiring software or a communications cable.

The db-4000EZ noise dosimeter includes both pre-programmed standard setups and customizable user-defined setups for unique corporate standards or localized government regulations.

Click here to download a brochure on the db-4000EZ Noise Dosimeter in PDF format.

db4000ez Noise Dosimeter Technical Specs

The following data is available via the display:
SPL, Peak, Max, Min, Avg, TWA, Projected TWA, SEL, Dose, Projected Dose, Exposure, Compliance Status, Time over Upper Limit Level, Elapsed Time, Battery Status, OR & UR indicators.

User-Selectable Parameters Per Virtual Dosimeter
The db-4000EZ contains (2) virtual dosimeters. The following parameters can be set for each virtual dosimeter:

  • Slow or Fast Response for each or Impulse for both
  • 3, 4, 5 or 6 dB Selectable Exchange Rate for each
  • 40-140dB Criterion Level in 1 dB increments for each
  • 1-24 hrs Criterion Time in 1 hr increments for each
  • 40-140dB Threshold Levels in 1 dB increments for each
  • 40-140dB Upper Limit Values in 1 dB increments for each Compliance Status
  • 40-140dB TWA Indicator Trigger in 1 dB increments (2) for each Per Instrument

Selectable Global Parameters

  • 40-110dB or 70-140dB Selectable RMS Range
  • Selectable A or C RMS Weighting
  • Selectable A, C, or Z Peak Weighting
  • 90-120dB Cal Level in 1 dB increments
  • 40-140dB Slow Ceiling Limit in 1 dB increments
  • 40-140dB Fast Ceiling Limit in 1 dB increments
  • 8-18 hrs Projected Dose Time Period in 1 hour increments
  • Vibrating Alarm Trigger: 40 to 140 dB TWA in 1 dB increments, On or Off (Based on Dosimeter #1 TWA)

General Specifications

  • Detachable Pendant Microphone with Clothing Clip
  • 115-143 dB Peak Range
  • 0.1 dB Amplitude Resolution
  • Dose Resolution: 0.001% to 9999%, auto-scaling always showing 4-digits
  • Keypad Lock: (1) 4-digit User-defined code for Run/Pause access (1) 4-digit User-defined code for Setup access

Display Parameters:

  • User Adjustable Display Contrast
  • Selectable "Basic" or "ISO/IEC" nomenclature
  • Selectable "Off", "Auto" and "Key" activated backlight
  • Selectable English, Spanish, French, German & Italian Languages
  • DD/MMM/YYYY; HH:MM:SS AM/PM or 24-hour clock

Auto-Run Modes:

  • Timed Run
  • Days of Week
  • Date


  • Infrared Serial Interface @ 115 kbps
  • RS232 Interface

Software Compatibility:

  • Metrosoft ms-4000EZ
  • HyperTerminal

Intrinsic Safety:

  • UL
  • cUL
  • Ex to ATEX directive
  • MSHA
  • SIMTARS (pending)

Product Standards:

  • CE Mark
  • EN 61252
  • ANSI S1.25


  • 68.6 x 127 x 38.1 mm (2.7" x 5" x 1.5")
  • 369 g (14 oz)
  • Industrial-grade cast aluminum, IP-65 rated
  • Removable belt clip with tripod mounting adapter


  • Operating Temp Range: -10 to +50°C (+14 to + 122°F)
  • Storage Temp Range: -25 to +60°C (-13 to +140°F)
  • Humidity Range: 0 to 95% non-condensing


  • Optimally (70) Hours from (2) AA disposable alkaline batteries


  • Vibrating Alarm Belt Clip
  • Detachable Boom Microphone