News | May 12, 2010

The Edge eg5 Model Now Has Intrinsic Safety Approvals From MSHA, SIRA (ATEX), CSA And Simtars (IECEx)

Source: 3M Detection Solutions

Oconomowoc, WI – Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is pleased to announce that The Edge eg5 model now has Intrinsic Safety approvals from MSHA, SIRA (ATEX), CSA (US and Canada), and Simtars (IECEx) for use in potentially hazardous environments such as mines, petrochemical sites, and manufacturing facilities. The Edge eg5 cable-free noise dosimeter offers users a lighter, more ergonomic method to monitor noise levels with its compact contoured design, advanced feature set and intrinsic safety certification.

The eg5 model serves as a personal dosimeter, time-history monitor, survey monitor and peak dosimeter. Weighing in at three ounces, this shoulder-mount instrument conforms to the worker's body for comfortable use while maintaining an upward orientation for the microphone. Its large LCD screen can be configured to display SPL, Dose, Lavg or Leq, TWA, Max Level, Min Level, Peak Level, Exposure, Run Time and more. In addition, The Edge eg5 model offers users the ability to measure Projected Dose and simultaneous C and A weighted measurements.

A rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides The Edge eg5 model up to forty hours of battery life. Recharging the unit is simple with the 1- or 5- bay "EdgeDock" docking station. As the unit is recharging, data can be downloaded from the dosimeter and sent to a PC via the EdgeDock's USB Port. Data measurements can then be managed and analyzed with QuestSuite Professional II.

SOURCE: 3M Detection Solutions