The OSHA Recordkeeping - Ultimate Resource

Source: WCI
The OSHA Recordkeeping - Ultimate Resource is the most complete training and reference guide available for the new OSHA recordkeeping rules that became effective January 1, 2002.
The OSHA Recordkeeping - Ultimate Resource CD-ROM is the most complete training and reference guide available for the new OSHA recordkeeping rules that became effective January 1, 2002.

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  • Use as a self-paced training tutorial to insure complete understanding by all personnel responsible for recording injuries and illnesses. Every paragraph of the new rule is addressed and explained with concise wording and reinforced with a detailed audio discussion.

  • Corporate trainers may use the program to present the information to the entire Human Resource or Safety Staff. The multiple layers of accessible information allow the discussions to get as detailed as necessary - with cross-referenced answers at the click of your mouse.

  • Everyone involved in the recordkeeping process will use the resource and referencing capabilities to help decipher those inevitable cases where you are not sure if the case is recordable or how to record the case if it is.

  • The OSHA Recordkeeping - Ultimate Resource will be an ongoing reference to insure your complete understanding of the new injury and illness recordability rules.

Key Features

  • The program includes the January 19, 2001 and October 12, 2001 Federal Registers - fully indexed and hyperlinked. You can access the hundreds of Federal Register pages with a simple click on the appropriate topic from the index or from the link provided on the content page. Each of these links will allow you to access the exact page or pages addressing your desired topic. The Federal Register publications offer your best source of information for how OSHA intends to interpret the requirements of the new standard. Detailed discussions outline the parameters OSHA reviewed and how and why the final rule reads the way it does. This is essential information to be able to access to gain a complete understand of the new rule.

  • Complete coverage of every Subpart is included in the program. Organized in the same order as the standard, each paragraph of the standard is addressed with detailed content slides. Our method provides a much greater degree of information than the typical PowerPoint presentation.

  • Detailed audio discussions are available for each topic. These discussions complement the content slides and provide a fuller explanation that helps reinforce the information.

  • Four sets of questions dealing with work-relatedness, new case determinations, general recordability issues and completing the 300, 301 and 300A forms are included. Detailed answers explain the solution and include hyperlinks for further study. The questions are designed to insure understanding of the key concept changes and new methods of recording injuries and illnesses.

  • The 300 Log, 301 and 300A Forms are all provided in an editable format and can be printed. A working incident rate calculator is also available to determine OSHA recordable incident rates, days away from work incident rates, etc. In addition, the OSHA Compliance Directive 2-0.131 Recordkeeping Policies and Procedures Manual is provided and indexed for easy reference. This is the document OSHA compliance officers use to determine potential violations of the standard.

  • Since OSHA has delayed implementation of certain aspects of the new rules until December 31, 2002, your purchase of The OSHA Recordkeeping - Ultimate Resource also includes a free one-year upgrade. We want to insure you have the most up-to-date resource available. When OSHA makes their final decisions on these requirements, we will send you a new CD-Rom that incorporates these decisions into the current content of the program. Your purchase is guaranteed!

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