The Shoe Dryer

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The Shoe Dryer
Using the Peet Shoe Dryer is very simple
Using the Peet Shoe Dryer is very simple. Just plug it in and store your footwear on it until they're worn again. The Peet Shoe Dryer is the safe, silent, efficient way to dry any footwear overnight. With the use of thermal convection drying (which means that warm air naturally rises), the Peet Shoe Dryer can dry any footwear in 8-10 hours safely. The Peet Shoe Dryer will make your shoes more comfortable each day while protecting your footwear investment. Whether you're a pro athlete or a soccer mom, the Peet Shoe Dryer is perfect for removing the perspiration, wetness, and odor from your shoes. Using only 36 watts , it would take over 40 shoe dryers to equal one 1500 watt hair dryer. We recommend that you plug it in and use it daily for the rest of your life. We think you'll agree along with over 1 million current customers that start each day with fresh, dry, odor free shoes is the smartest and healthiest choice for the entire families footwear.

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