Training and Emergency Preparedness

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HSB PLC is an industry leader in providing training and emergency preparedness programs
HSB PLC is an industry leader in providing training and emergency preparedness programs. The diverse experience of our technical staff makes HSB PLC uniquely qualified to provide engineers, architects, designers, fire protection and safety coordinators, and fire brigades with the training and guidance necessary to identify and address fire protection issues. We also are experts at coordinating fire safety concerns and environmental regulations. Backed by our extensive and up-to-date library of reference texts and training programs, we can provide general information or can tailor a program to meet your specific needs.

HSB PLC has developed and presented more than 125 seminars and workshops on fire protection in the past 23 years. Courses are made available to the public on a regular basis, but can also be customized and presented at your facility to meet your specific needs and at a significant savings. Areas of training include:

  • Fire Protection for Power Plants (nuclear and/or conventional)
  • Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Response Leadership and Training (on site only)
  • OSHA Topics

    Emergency Preparedness Programs
    HSB PLC is uniquely qualified to develop Emergency Response Plans. Our engineers and consultants possess the necessary knowledge required to develop viable pre-emergency strategies. This expertise includes:

  • Specific Education in Fire Protection Engineering and Related Fields
  • Unequaled Fire Protection Experience with Industry
  • Practical, Firsthand Fire Fighting Background
  • Previous Specific Experience in the Development of Prefire Plans
  • Thorough Understanding of Plant Fire Brigade Capabilities and Needs

    Environmental/Fire Protection Coordination

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