Training Director Online

Source: Entech Software
A cost effective Learning Management System (LMS) that provides the solutions to meet your organizations Training Needs
Training Director Online is a web based Training Management System designed to give companies control over their entire Training Process. Training Director Online can be run via the web (ASP Model) allowing anyone in your organization to access the program from anywhere in the world via an internet connection. Expensive Hardware, Software and IT Support cost are non-existent with Training Director Online since all the information is stored and the program is run from our High Speed Servers. Many different permission levels can be used to ensure that you will be in control of who has access to what data in Training Director Online. Training Director Online is easily customizable to make all the data contained in the program (Courses, Job Titles, Pick list etc.) a reflection of what your company wants and needs. Achieving and staying in compliance with all your companies critical Training Data is made easy through Training Director Online.