Source: Safety Software, Inc.
TRAINLOG Features:
  • Track training requirements for high risk employees
TRAINLOG Features:
  • Track training requirements for high risk employees
  • Develop and maintain a list of training courses
  • Log & manage certifications
  • Capture Shift Information
  • Manage training classroom resources and facilities.

TRAINLOG™ is a powerful training record management tool that tracks and organisez all aspects of course and classroom scheduling and training -OSHA related or not. Make scheduling a snap with this comprehensive system. Never again do you have to wonder if an employee has had the required training as decribed by their job title - the answer is at your fingertips.

TRAINLOG tracks any and all types of training with results and builds employee-training histories. TRAINLOG also manages hasard assessment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), all in one easy-to-use package! AND it integrates with OSHALOG™ - no need to maintan separate employee records.

Save time and money by importing your employee database. Comes preloaded with courses - or add your own - personalize this software for the way you work There is no faster or easier to use package on the market with point and click pick lists for ease of use to track all your company's training.

TRAINLOG Features:

  • Track training by job title
  • Track any training course - safety related or not
  • Pre-loaded courses - saves you startup time
  • Increase accuracy of training scheduling - Know which employees need recertification and which trainer is certified to teach
  • Print memo notification for employee of scheduled class
  • Import employee information from text file
  • Employee changes job/duty - new training requirements automatically associated with his "training needed" record
  • Extensive report system
  • Print certificates of completion
  • Special feature TRAINCoach™ has general OSHA training requirements
  • Track training and PPE requirements by job title
  • Track commercial drivers licenses with reminders for renewal
  • Track and build histories on physicals, drug tests, and IH exposure results
  • Reminder system with NAG setting
  • Integrates and links with all SafetyOffice™ applications
  • Network Ready and Multi User Version Available
  • Additional Non-Concurrent licenses available. $49.00 Per Seat