Transforming Chairs

Source: Steelcase Inc.
New Leap chairs contour to your spine and continually
Steelcase Inc.airs contour to your spine and continually change shape as the user changes position. Available in various styles and heights with various arms, finishes, backframes and upholstery, these spine-mimicking chairs are said to reduce the users' chance that the lower back will sag or that they'll move into a hunched position. This can prevent the weakening of disc walls, stressing of back ligaments and the deterioration of the spine.

The arms telescope, pivot and adjust up and down, allowing users to find a natural position. Slats in the back and seat offer breathability. The seat edge angle control enables people to ease pressure on thighs and widen the angle between legs and torso. These chairs also adjust to accommodate different leg lengths, have a fluid motion, separate upper and lower back controls and oversized casters.

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