TSI Ultrafine Particle Analyzer

Source: Aspen Training Institute
TSI recently introduced its new P-Trak Ultrafine Particle Counter (UPC), the latest advancement
TSI recently introduced its new P-Trak Ultrafine Particle Counter (UPC), the latest advancement in tracking IAQ problems to their source. It detects and tracks ultrafine particles (smaller than 0.1 micrometer diameter) that often accompany or signal the presence of a pollutant that is the root cause of IAQ complaints. The P-TRAK UPC is a totally new approach to investigating IAQ problems. Whether a pollutant source is obvious-boilers, furnaces, vehicles-or not so obvious-photocopy machines and printers-the P-TRAK UPC is hard to fool. It has been used successfully to identify the migration of toxic exhaust gases, malfunctioning office equipment, pinhole gasket leaks in a boiler, and a wide variety of other problems. The P-TRAK UPC is easy to use, fast and reliable, and it is easily understood. The investigator begins by mapping areas of concern and recording ultrafine particle levels, then uses the P-TRAK to "sniff out" sources in the areas of highest concentration. Once sources are identified, remediation can begin. The investigator continues until complaints are eliminated. The P-TRAK Ultrafine Particle Counter uses the same fundamental technology behind TSIs condensation particle counts (CPCs), well-proven instruments that have been used in research and industrial applications around the world for many years. It comes with everything needed to begin IAQ investigations immediately. Battery operated, it goes wherever needed. With data logging and field-proven software, measurements can be made in the field and data taken back to the office for further study. Date can be easily downloaded for inclusion in special reports, permanent record keeping, or comparison with previous measurements.

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