News | June 27, 2016

TTI-FSS Bahamas Division Bhicam Tampa Tank Receives Unprecendented Number Of Workplace Safety Awards

Division employees meet extraordinary safety challenges at two project sites to earn awards

TAMPA, FL (PRWEB) -- An unprecedented 22 employees in Tampa Tank Inc.-Florida Structural Steel’s (TTI-FSS) Bahamas operations, Bhicam Tampa Tank (BTT), recently received awards for outstanding safety awareness and compliance from clients Bahamas Oil Refining Company International Limited (Borco) on their Buckeye Terminals Bahamas project and Statoil at its South Riding Point project.

BTT also won the top three awards from Borco’s Terminal Safety group. This is the first time one company has achieved such recognition. 
These projects presented a full gamut of safety challenges for the BTT team, including: 

  • Working at heights above 60 feet,
  • Working at terminal sea facilities, and
  • Installing pipe and structural supports in operating areas with tanks and pipes in service.

BTT installed more than 15,000 feet of pipe of various diameters and repaired several tanks, some as large as 290 feet in diameter at this site. The company also erected dome roofs and internal floating roofs and performed civil and paint services through experienced contractors.

According to John Malcolm, BTT safety manager, “2015 was an exceptional year for the Bahamas division with respect to safety performance. This is the first year of record the division performed without incidents.” Mr. Malcolm attributes this success to the company’s implementation of its “Circle of the Stars” incentive program, designed to generate total employee involvement the company’s commitment to safety awareness and compliance.

As part of the program, BTT hosts weekly safety meetings at both Bahamas project sites, where both BTT employees and client employees discuss safety issues relevant to current tasks. Mr. Malcolm explained, “Client employees are included in these discussions to help them understand BTT’s commitment to and investment in the safety of all the workers on our projects.”

Garnering the 22 Borco Safety Star Awards recognitions, which is unprecedented in the history of Borco in the Bahamas, was a testament to the success of the “Circle of the Stars” program, according to Mr. Malcolm.

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