Company Profile | January 1, 1996

US Healthworks

Source: US Healthworks
US Healthworks U.S. HealthWorks-Preventive Services is the nation's largest training and consulting firm assisting employers and employer associations with the safety and health concerns of their workforce. We are now also the nation's largest provider of on-site medical surveillance and training services. Our mission is to reduce absenteeism and its inherent costs by helping to provide a workplace free of injuries and illnesses.

This is accomplished by assisting with regulatory compliance programs (OSHA, DOT, JCAHO, EPA, etc.) and other preventative measures such as training, loss control, and elimination of substance abuse.

Workplace absenteeism due to injuries and illnesses represents an enormous cost to employers in wages for the absent employee and replacement employee, medical costs, workers compensation premiums, regulatory fines, legal expenses, retraining and rehabilitation. U.S. HealthWorks-Preventive Services strives to significantly reduce these costs by emphasizing preventative services and products.