News | March 2, 2022

USA Industries Introduces GripSafe® ST

A technologically advanced solution for piping isolation and test plugs.

Houston, TX /PRNewswire/ - USA Industries introduces its patented GripSafe ST piping isolation and test plugs for use in refineries, chemical processing facilities, gas and power plants, as well as offshore production platforms and FPSO's. GripSafe Superior Technology plugs are designed to significantly improve worker safety and asset reliability.

"Gripping plugs are used in a variety of hazardous industrial applications every day," said Tracy Sue, CEO of USA Industries. "Tragic incidents have occurred due to plugs failing, but until now, the fundamental design of the plugs has not changed to adequately tackle the causes of the safety problems. We've focused our efforts on a 'ground up' design with several proprietary technologies to provide the safest and most reliable piping isolation and test plugs available anywhere in the world."

Utilizing GripSafe ST's independently actuating wedge system, the plugs instantly lock themselves into place. Each gripping wedge self-adjusts to make optimal surface contact with the pipe wall, thereby increasing worker and operator safety immediately. No other plug on the market has this ability.

"With GripSafe ST's innovative design, USA Industries has virtually eliminated the risk of unintentional plug ejection," added Justin Watts, USA Industries' Director of Sales & Marketing. "GripSafe ST will prevent the plug from coming out of the pipe immediately upon insertion, while competitive products require mechanical expansion of gripping components before they will hold. This means there are critical moments when other plugs may unexpectedly eject under pressure, creating a severe safety hazard. GripSafe ST will not eject under the same circumstances, keeping the technician safe."

GripSafe ST's patented design uniquely anchors in place nondestructively, without marring the pipe's internal surface. Other advantages include its ability to overcome pipe ovality, and its reduced weight. Its standard components will grip against any metal type without creating carbon contamination. "The safety benefits alone make GripSafe ST 'best in class'. With all its advantages, we're confident that GripSafe ST will become the new industry standard for isolation and test plugs," Watts stated.

About USA Industries
USA Industries has served the refining, chemical processing, and power industries since 1982. With an in-house engineering staff and machine shop, the company designs, manufactures, and supplies piping isolation and testing products, tube plugs, orifice plates, and tools for heat exchangers. USA Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and supplier.

Source: USA Industries, LLC

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