Uvex Genesis Eyewear

Source: Conney Safety Products
Uvex Genesis Eyewear
Genesis is the first chapter in the book of eye protection
Genesis is the first chapter in the book of eye protection. MMT (multi-material technology) is an innovative molding process that actually allows the frame to serve as a shock absorber that can diffuse and deflect impact. Glasses are engineered with a ventilation channel between the frame and brow bumper that directs airflow under the lens to reduce moisture build-up and fogging. 3-position ratchet lens inclination system with adjustable length temples allows you a custom fit. Lenses are available with your choice of either ultradura scratch-resistant hard coating or uvextreme AF anti-fog coating. Lenses absorb 99.9% of UV radiation. Meets ANSI Z87.1-1989 standard.

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