Freeware | May 14, 1999


Source: Insurance Data Processing, Inc. (IDP)
VISION 21 is a low-cost comprehensive insurance management software program that runs on WindowsR 95 NT, in an SQL environment. Free demo disk includes an audio narrative that stresses the program's features and benefits as it guides users through eight modules. Each module is clearly displayed and visually demonstrated. When users tap into the Processing Claims Module, for example, they encounter a selection of buttons that takes them into New Claims Processing, Claims Retrieval, Check Printing, Accounting...and more.

For some modules the demo is comprehensive enough to take visitors at least one screen deeper. When users tap into "Accounting," for instance, they are presented with a drop down menu of six additional options, including Establish/Adjust Reserve, Payments, Receivable and Payment Adjustment. Sample screens appear for each of the options.