Source: International Safety Instruments, Inc. (ISI)
The VISION3 Thermal Imaging System is a hand-held thermal imaging camera designed specifically for the rugged
The VISION3 Thermal Imaging System is a hand-held thermal imaging camera designed specifically for the rugged firefighting environment. When used in conjunction with the Video Link Plus wireless transmission system, the VISION3 provides today's firefighter and fire scene commander with the most advanced fire and rescue device available. The firefighter is now able to see through smoke, to locate and rescue victims, and to attack the seat of the fire quickly thereby reducing property damage and saving lives.

The VISION3 utilizes the newest BST thermal imaging technology developed for the military. The VISION3 camera is lightweight, portable, shock resistant, and waterproof. Providing the longest battery operation time available in today's market, the VISION3 comes standard with the readily available Duracell DR 11 camcorder battery along with a smart charger for battery maintenance.

Features and Benefits:

  • BST Technology - Reliable performance. Military combat tested.
  • Bigger Better Picture - Crystal clear image. Sharp detail. Best depth perception for navigation.
  • Lightweight - Less than 4 ½ lbs. Ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue.
  • Longest Battery Duration - Up to 3 hours per battery.
  • Allows for "handing off" of thermal imager in fire scene.
  • Shock Resistant - Designed to withstand the rigors of firefighting. Internal shock-absorbent electronics chassis.
  • Heat Resistant - Automatic Thermal Electric Control Circuitry to maintain internal operating temperature. Heat reflective outer coating. Heat absorbent casing material.
  • Waterproof - VISION3 is designed to meet the IP67 classification of waterproofing.
  • Automatic Saturation Control - See objects and details around flames. No white-out or blooming. Automatic protection of internal sensor from flame saturation.
  • User-friendly Manual Settings - Adjust thermal image "GAIN" setting. Adjust LCD monitor "brightness" setting. Adjust video-mix ratio setting.

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