News | April 29, 2023 Secures Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Status For VisionAI Workplace Safety Toolkit can now present their advanced VisionAI toolkit for Workplace Safety to a global audience, thanks to Microsoft Co-Sell Ready status, a Colorado-based Vision AI solutions provider, is pleased to announce its attainment of Microsoft co-sell-ready status for VisionAI Solution. This enables to market and sell its VisionAI Toolkit for Workplace Safety worldwide through Microsoft's extensive customer and partner network. Visionify will collaborate with Microsoft to promote the VisionAI Toolkit globally through joint sales and go-to-market initiatives. This partnership simplifies the deployment and management process for Visionify and utilizes the reliable and secure Azure cloud platform to help Visionify enhance workplace safety standards globally.

"We are excited to partner with Microsoft and utilize their vast network to expand the reach of our VisionAI Toolkit for Workplace Safety," said Harsh Murari, CTO & Co-Founder of "This collaboration showcases our advanced AI technology and emphasizes our mutual dedication to fostering safer work environments worldwide. With Microsoft's technical expertise and Azure's power, we're confident in providing efficient, reliable, and secure solutions that address the dynamic requirements of workplace safety and compliance."

Priyesh Sanghvi, CEO & Co-Founder of, stated, "Our VisionAI Toolkit for Workplace Safety has garnered significant interest from clients worldwide, including Japan, Malaysia, and European countries. This prompted us to recognize the value of integrating our solution with Azure for seamless global delivery." He added, "Our collaboration with Microsoft allows us to extend our reach beyond North America to Europe, Asia, and other markets. Furthermore, we are actively partnering with camera vendors to assist organizations without an existing camera infrastructure, underscoring our commitment to promoting safer workplaces worldwide."

About VisionAI Toolkit for Workplace Safety
Visionify's Workplace Safety Toolkit features over 60 VisionAI apps aimed at addressing various workplace safety scenarios with the primary objective of fostering safer work environments, preventing accidents, and enhancing workplace compliance. These apps detect potential hazards, monitor suspicious activities, and ensure worker safety. Available on Azure Marketplace, the Vision AI package supports cloud, edge, and self-hosted environments. Designed for seamless integration into client infrastructures, their Vision AI solutions run on Azure ARC, Stack Edge, or AKS – all within the customer's premises, with alert notifications that work with existing security cameras without the need for additional hardware or training. Visionify's adaptable features enable the models to work out-of-the-box while offering fine-tuning capabilities. By leveraging Microsoft's technology stack, clients can develop customized safety solutions that adapt to their evolving needs.

About is a leading Computer Vision software company specializing in Workplace Safety and Compliance. Their VisionAI Toolkit comprises over 60 VisionAI apps designed to empower organizations in creating safer work environments. Visionify also offers custom integrations and automated reporting. For more information about Visionify's Computer vision solutions and to request a demo, visit