News | June 8, 2021

WorkWell Selected To Collaborate On Workplace Safety With The American Board Of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation's Building Trust Initiative

Establishing Employee Trust is Critical to Reducing Workplace Injuries, Increasing Productivity, and Decreasing Costs

Duluth, MN /PRNewswire/ - WorkWell, the experts in preventing and treating sprains, strains, and back pain, today announced that they were chosen as a collaborator on the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation's Building Trust initiative, a multi-faceted effort to increase conversation, thought leadership, research, and best practices to elevate trust as an essential organizing principle for improving healthcare. These are the same principles that are critical for creating a world-class workplace safety program.

WorkWell was one of just three American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) practices selected to collaborate with ABIM.

"We are proud to be recognized by the ABIM Foundation and APTA for our work in building trust in workplace safety," said Karil Reibold, Acting Chief Executive Officer at WorkWell. "Onsite physical therapists focus on preventing work-limiting problems, helping people who often have chronic conditions stay at work, many of whom work long shifts and reside in areas that don't have readily accessible healthcare. Being onsite enables therapists to take proactive measures to identify injury risks and treat work-related injuries before impacting people's economic livelihood."

WorkWell Trust Practice
The WorkWell Trust Practice bridges the gap between employees and employers and furthers a culture of workplace safety. By providing care at employers' offices and front-line workspaces, WorkWell physical and occupational therapists break down mistrust in the potentially adversarial relationship between employers (who want their workers to return to work) and employees seeking health services. Having onsite therapists reduces access barriers, familiarizes workers with the services offered, and demonstrates employers' concern for their employees. The therapist-employee interactions establish relationships and produce increased levels of trust. Putting patient welfare first and providing access delivers a message of caring and compassion to employees and builds trustworthiness.

Managed Onsite Physical Therapy
WorkWell managed onsite physical therapy clinics reduce musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries and related costs and shorten injured workers' recovery time. These onsite services can improve worker productivity, reduce absenteeism/presenteeism, boost employee trust and workplace safety.

Representatives from each of the three APTA practices WorkWell, Kessler Rehab Center, and Johns Hopkins, participated in an informative Q&Avideo panel discussion on their highly regarded trust practices to promote exemplary practices that foster trust and trustworthiness in physical therapy.

About WorkWell
WorkWell helps organizations prevent and treat sprains, strains, and back pain by delivering comprehensive and scalable musculoskeletal health programs as part of their overall safety and wellness programs. We partner with employers to keep employees safe, healthy, and productive by identifying workplace risks, implementing early intervention and proactive ergonomics, providing employee testing and treatment, and ensuring safety compliance. Our prevention, treatment and training programs are delivered by our network of 10,000 credentialed physical therapists who are experts at delivering all aspects of a comprehensive musculoskeletal wellness program. To learn more, visit us at or follow us on Twitter at @WorkWellPandC and LinkedIn.

Source: WorkWell Prevention and Care

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