WPCI 's National Specimen urine collection site network services

Source: WPCI
Many drug & alcohol testing programs share a common problem

Many drug & alcohol testing programs share a common problem..................the urine collection site! Whether it be the lack of convenient appointment times, no emergency after hours availability, no on-site collection services, expensive fees, rejected specimens due to collection errors, or lack of cooperation, it can be very frustrating for the drug program manager to control collection sites.
WPCI has created a urine collection site network of approved, full service urine collection sites to solve all these problems.

WPCI Urine Collection Site Network Benefits Include:
-Centralized Scheduling (You call 1 800# for all your collection site needs. No need to search.)
-Centralized Billing (You will get 1 invoice with a summary of all your collection site invoices instead of multiple invoices from all your different collection sites.)
-In Office & On-Site Collections (You can choose your collection site services.)
-24 hour availability (You will have access to a 800# for emergency collection site services.)
-Collection Sites Anywhere in the U.S. and Canada
-D.O.T. Physicals
-Quick Collection Quotes (You can get competitive quotes for your collection site business.)
If you are not scheduling your urine collections through WPCI's National Urine Specimen Collection Site Network, you are not receiving the price & service you deserve.

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