Source: DBI/SALA
Zorbit™ keeps forces imposed on your anchorage below 5,000 lbs
A horizontal lifeline system may appear to be a basic line strung between two anchors. It's not! Proper engineering is critical to ensure safety. System failures involving improper calculation of clearance, no account for lifeline sag, misunderstanding of anchorage strength or location can cause serious injury or even death. Without using engineered systems these variable are often very difficult to determine.

With Zorbit™ we've simplified putting together a horizontal lifeline system and added a degree of safety.

The one piece, stainless steel design is extremely durable and can be left in place for extended periods of time without affecting performance. Zorbit™ keeps forces imposed on your anchorage below 5,000 lbs. so standard anchorage connectors can be used simplifying installation. Setup and removal is quick requiring no special tools or equipment. At only six inches long, you gain valuable working length on your horizontal system.

Zorbit™, which is included with DBI/SALA's Beamsafe™ and cable Sayfline™ systems, can also be purchased separately.

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