Latest Headlines

  1. ISEA Leads Industry Action On Preventing Workplace Fatalities From Dropped Objects

    The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have developed a first-in-the-industry standard aimed at helping employers reduce the risk of dropped objects incidents in industrial and occupational settings

  2. IndustrySafe Releases Initial Incident Reporting For Its EHS Mobile App

    IndustrySafe, a leader in safety management software, is pleased to announce the release of its initial incidents form to the IndustrySafe mobile app. This app, first launched in December of 2017, now allows workers to record workplace incidents from their mobile devices, with or without internet access

  3. Danatec Releases 12 New Online Safety Courses

    Danatec Educational Services Ltd., is proud to announce the release of 12 brand new online safety courses to the public. This breaks the record for new materials released in Danatec’s 33-year history. With online learning at an all-time high, Danatec meets the demand for online learning with interactive, engaging and compliant safety training

  4. Flame Resistant Hawaiian Shirts Deliver Safety And Fun

    Workers stuck in hot, heavy and boring flame and arc flash resistant clothing have something to smile about. The typical array of standard FR clothing doesn't allow for much creative expression. However, Santa Ana-based Benchmark FR offers a tropical solution for your FR wardrobe

  5. ISEA And OSHA Agree To Raise Workplace Safety Awareness Through New Collaboration

    The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) entered into a formal agreement June 21 that will help advance workplace safety in America

  6. SoloProtect To Launch Ground-Breaking New Lone Worker Device

    The international lone worker safety company, SoloProtect, is launching a key addition to its product range with the SoloProtect ID Pro, a highly innovative new product in the lone worker device space

  7. Italy Takes Lead On SOLAS Fire Fighter Radio Specification

    The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has become the first national authority to publish specifications for new portable radios required under SOLAS Chapter II-2, Regulation 10.10.4 – ‘Fire Fighters Communication’

  8. Mastery Training Services Offers New Safety Refresher Training

    This month we released five new safety refresher training courses. These courses, originally produced by Aurora Pictures, are all less than five minutes in length and are intended for refresher training for employees who have been through a full-length program

  9. Connected Worker: Honeywell Improves Safety Performance By Making It Fast And Easy To Connect Portable Multi-Gas Detectors

    Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today a new Bluetooth-enabled device that brings connectivity to Honeywell BW portable, multi-gas detectors so companies can remotely monitor their employees' safety, respond to emergencies faster and avoid costly downtime

  10. Visual Workplace Introduces Floor-Mark High Performance Floor Marking Tape For Industrial Workplace And Harsh Conditions

    Visual Workplace, Inc., has introduced Floor-Mark High Performance floor marking tape. Marking floors is an easy and efficient way to direct behavior, promote safety, and reinforce workplace standards, but industrial work environments create challenges for traditional tape and paint