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  1. U.S. Department Of Labor Enters Partnership To Promote Safety During Construction Of Commercial Building Project In Hudson, Wisconsin

    The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Market & Johnson have signed a strategic partnership to promote worker safety and health during the demolition, remodeling, and construction of Phillips-Medisize’s 210,000 square-foot commercial building project in Hudson, Wisconsin.

  2. New LBA University General Occupations RF Safety Training Addresses Widespread Worker Risks

    A new safety training resource to protect Radio Frequency (RF) exposed workers beyond the cellular industry has been introduced by LBA University, Inc. (LBAU). LBAU is the leading edge safety training unit of LBA Group, Inc.

  3. MIPS – World's First Safety Helmet With MIPS Brain Protection System Released

    MIPS, the leading brain protection system company, recently announces its partnership with Swedish industrial safety company, Guardio, and the development of the first MIPS BPS-equipped industrial safety helmet, scheduled for release in the month of June.

  4. Brady Expands Its Market-Leading Lockout Line With Exclusive Brady SafeKey Lockout Padlocks

    Brady (NYSE:BRC), a global leader in industrial and safety printing systems and solutions, announced the launch of a new line of safety padlocks designed specifically to bring advanced key security and key precision to lockout programs.

  5. New Updated ergoGLOVE Now Offers Expanded Force Measurement And Data Collection Capability For Ergonomic, Engineering, Research, And Product Testing Applications

    ergoPAK ergoGLOVE by Hoggan Scientific, LLC, is the essential tool kit for ergonomists, engineers and research professionals to measure, evaluate and verify human and product performance and the workplace. Hoggan Scientific is excited to announce its new updated ergoGLOVE (FSR) Force Sensing Resistor System with expanded testing capability to measure, collect and analyze force under real job conditions.

  6. UL Launches Machine Risk Assessment Services To Mitigate Risk And Provide Safer Industrial Workplaces

    UL announces the launch of Machine Risk Assessment services designed to help factory owners, asset owners, and employers mitigate risk within the industrial workplace and provide a safer work environment.

  7. ESFI Offers Workplace Safety Training To Reduce Electrical Injuries

    More than 21,000 workers in the U.S. have been injured and 1,500 have died in workplace electrical accidents since 2008 according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), a non-profit educational and training organization. In response to this grim problem, the Foundation has released updated safety training materials.

  8. Pure Safety Group Introduces Checkmate TR3 Tripod

    Pure Safety Group (PSG), the largest company dedicated solely to to fall protection, has introduced the Checkmate TR3 Tripod, used as Personal Protective Equipment to access workers and provide fall protection in confined space environments.

  9. Vuzix Collaborates With Eaton To Develop Smart Glasses For Harsh And Hazardous Environments

    Vuzix® Corporation (NASDAQ: VUZI), ("Vuzix" or, the "Company"), a leading supplier of Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR) technology and products, announced it has entered into an Joint Development Agreement ("Agreement") with power management company Eaton to develop an ATEX intrinsically safe smart glasses solution. Vuzix is partnering with Eaton for this joint product development because of Eaton's innovation and expertise in intrinsically safe certifications and solutions for harsh and hazardous areas through its Crouse-Hinds series solutions

  10. Qualcomm XR Technology In RealWear To Support UROS In Kazakhstan’s Digitization Goals

    Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, RealWear and UROS, together announced a digitization project set to begin in Kazakhstan later this year. This project has the mission of supporting deployment of Smart Cities and accelerating XR global adoption to advance the development pace of Kazakhstan’s economy by improving the productivity, safety and quality of life for its citizens.