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  1. NIOSH And OSHA Introduce Improved Heat Safety App For Outdoor Workers

    An updated app for smart phones and other mobile devices can help workers stay safe when working outdoors in hot weather. The free app was redesigned by CDC's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), along with the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

  2. New Load Control Magnet Keeps Lift Operators Safe

    The new Load Control Magnet(LCM) from Industrial Magnetics, Inc. increases worker safety during steel lifting operations by allowing the user to guide the load while remaining a safe distance away

  3. Infab Introduces Revolution Lead Aprons With The World’s Only Lead-Free Core Material Certified To Meet IEC61331-1L2014 Standards

    Infab Corporation introduces Revolution Lead and Lead-Free Aprons with KIARMOR, Infab’s proprietary bi-layer radiation protection core material

  4. Triax Technologies Launches IoT-Based Wearable System To Increase Safety, Visibility In Construction

    Triax Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of wearable technology for construction site connectivity, today launched its new spot-r networked technology, providing real-time, data-driven visibility into the challenging construction site environment

  5. The Nation's Largest Firing Range Contractor, MT2, Announces New Proprietary Range Filter Technology To Properly Dispose Of Lead Contaminated Hazardous Range Waste

    In a February 13, 2017 news report, former employees of an indoor gun range in PA detailed that they were exposed to high levels of lead while working, at four times the acceptable OSHA limit

  6. Landmark Workplace Safety And Health Regulation Approved To Reduce Risk Of Major Incidents At Oil Refineries In California

    The Department of Industrial Relations' (DIR) Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board today approved a landmark regulation to strengthen workplace safety and health at oil refineries across the state

  7. Honeywell Launches New Connected Worker Software Aimed At Boosting Safety, Productivity

    Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today Honeywell Sotera™, a new, comprehensive safety software platform to support its growing portfolio of connected industrial worker solutions, which are designed to help customers keep their facilities and personnel safe, boost productivity, and lower compliance and administrative costs.

  8. Ironworker Safety Directors Bridge The Gap Revolutionizing Safety Management On The Job Site

    Iron Worker Safety Director Course (IWSDC), a 30-hour training designed to teach new skill sets for managing comprehensive company safety and health programs, was held in Toronto last week, May 3-5

  9. Announcing AntrisPro+: New Workplace Efficiency Tool Reduces Administration And Supports Employee Safety

    Antris, the Ontario-based developer of mobile safety solutions for work-alone employees, is proud to launch a new product: AntrisPro+

  10. Southern Research Initiates Intensive TrainSafe Biosafety Training Program

    Southern Research is launching a new biosafety training center as the centerpiece of an advanced program called TrainSafe to teach health care workers and laboratory staff how to protect themselves against pathogens responsible for serious infectious diseases