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  1. HammerTech Signs Enterprise Agreement With DPR Construction

    Global construction technology firm HammerTech, a collaborative cloud-based performance and productivity-focused operations platform, today announces that DPR Construction, one of the most innovative construction companies in the United States, has signed an enterprise agreement with HammerTech as its operational system for safety.

  2. ECA Deepens Its Commitment To Drill Rig Safety And Training

    Equipment Corporation of America (ECA) has taken their leadership role in drill rig operator training to a new level with the establishment of the ECA Training Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

  3. Brigade Electronics: Safety Sense - How Radar Is Helping To Prevent Road And Workplace Fatalities

    The global construction market is set to grow by $8 trillion by 2030. With this rapidly increasing industry comes a large rise in the number of construction vehicles and heavy machinery using road networks to access worksites.

  4. Introducing Iron Age’s Immortalizer Work Boot Series: ‘Say No To Crack’ With Industry’s First Mortar And Crack-Resistant Leather

    Iron Age Footwear proudly introduces its innovative Immortalizer work boot series. The Immortalizer becomes the first and only boot on the planet to feature mortar and lime-resistant leather as well as the Muckraker™ outsole cleaning system.

  5. OSHA Calls On Employers To Raise Workplace Safety Awareness During Safe + Sound Week From August 12-18, 2019

    The OSHA Training Institute Education Center at Chabot-Las Positas Community College District, the only OSHA authorized OTI Education Center headquartered in Northern California, is inviting employers and workers to participate in Safe + Sound Week, a nationwide safety event scheduled for the week of August 12-18, 2019.

  6. New Autonomous Mobile Robot Stacker-Bot AMR Provides Flow Rack Replenishment In Warehouse And Distribution Center Applications Provided By Conveyco Technologies

    Conveyco's new flow rack Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) replenisher, the Stacker-Bot™, allows organizations to eliminate labor and increase accuracy and efficiencies around the clock without the need for breaks or human supervision.

  7. Klein Tools’ New Hard Hats Designed For Pros – Safety, Comfort And Fit

    Klein Tools, for professionals since 1857, introduces a new generation of Hard Hats – designed, engineered and built with safety, comfort and fit for the tradespeople who wear them every day.

  8. Ergodyne Launches New Line Of Ultra-Comfortable Hard Hats

    Ergodyne announced a major addition to their Skullerz® lineup of personal protective equipment with the launch of their new hard hats, available in both full-brim or cap style and Class C or Class E protection. This line of hard hats is a first for the company.

  9. Network Rail Launches A £70M Track Worker Safety Task Force

    Network Rail has recently launched a new safety task force, backed with a £70M fund, to target track-worker safety, bringing together multiple strands of work from across the company aimed at improving safety for employees that work on the railway.

  10. CIS Receives President’s Award For Occupational Health And Safety

    CIS, an Acteon Company that installs conductors and piles for the oil and gas and nearshore marine construction industries, has been awarded the prestigious President’s Award for Occupational Health and Safety from the UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).