Latest Headlines

  1. Honeywell’s New Line Of Addressable Fire Detection Devices Improves Protection For Modern Building Materials

    Honeywell, a leader in Connected Buildings, is helping customers get ahead of upcoming building code changes and improve fire detection through a new line of addressable smoke and heat detection devices available across all Honeywell Fire brands

  2. Corvex Connected Safety And BEworks Partner To Predict And Improve Worker Safety

    Corvex Connected Safety, the first worker-powered IoT safety platform, has partnered with BEworks, a leading management consulting firm, to increase safety accountability in the workplace

  3. U.S. Department Of Labor And Texas-Based Builder Partner To Promote Workplace Safety During Northwest D.C. Construction Project

    The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Harvey Cleary Builders of Houston, Texas, have established a strategic partnership to promote workplace safety and educate workers on hazards during a construction project in the District of Columbia

  4. Innovative Multi-Gas Detector Streamlines Safety With State-Of-The-Art Alerts And Monitoring

    Dräger, an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology, recently announced the release of its X-am 8000 to the US and Canada markets

  5. Tarasafe Expands Its Flame-Resistant Clothing Line

    Tarasafe offers a new and wide range of TaraMod FR clothing. TaraMod is a range of inherently flame resistant modacrylic and cellulose blended protective clothing

  6. Caterpillar, Zeppelin Power Systems CZ Recognized For Safety At WNE Awards

    Caterpillar Inc. recently announced that the company and Cat dealer Zeppelin Power Systems CZ were recognized for safety in the large company category at the WNE Awards, which were presented at the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) 2018 in June.

  7. Risk Assessment Services Now Offered By Clarion Safety Systems

    Clarion Safety Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of safety labels and signs, has expanded its portfolio to offer risk assessments as a complementary service for both product and workplace safety professionals

  8. New Personal Dosimeter Provides Ultra-Precise Radiation Dose Detection

    A new personal dosimeter is designed to better protect personnel at nuclear power plants, medical facilities and other sites with radioactive materials. The new device combines gamma and beta dosimetry with telemetry in one compact unit

  9. Alfred Miller Contracting Launches Successful Safety Forum At A Liquefaction Project In Lake Charles, Louisiana

    Alfred Miller Contracting is proud to announce the success of their recent Better Practices for Safety Forum. Conducted by David Floyd, Safety Director at Alfred Miller Contracting, the forum focused on how to best implement incremental changes in existing safety practices to further enhance the field leadership’s productivity, processes, and protocols

  10. Epson Expands Moverio Smart Glasses Portfolio And Brings Leading Augmented Reality Platform To Industrial Users

    Epson, providers of the Moverio augmented reality (AR) smart glasses platform, recently announced both the availability of the new Moverio BT-350 ANSI Edition smart glasses, and the release of the Upskill Skylight AR platform on Moverio.