Product Showcase

  1. Fall Protection: Miller Revolution™ Full-Body Harnesses
    Introducing a totally-new concept in full-body harness design. The Miller Revolution Harness reinvents harness safety and functionality with features developed to meet key, user-identified needs.
  2. Miller® Vinyl-Coated Products
    A new line of Miller Revolution Harnesses and Miller Shock-Absorbing Lanyards features a special vinyl coating on the webbing to protect against a variety of liquids that could compromise overall performance.
  3. Harness: Miller® Contractor Harness
    Lightweight for greater comfort, Miller contractor harnesses are specifically designed for use in construction.
  4. Miller TurboLite™ Personal Fall Limiter
    The cost-effective and competitive pricing of the new Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiters will make shock-absorbing lanyards obsolete on the jobsite. With the compact and lightweight TurboLite PFL, workers will no longer need to “switch-out” equipment to maintain a safe fall distance.
  5. Miller SkyGrip™ Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System
    Miller SkyGrip HLL Systems are designed for easy installation on steel or concrete applications. A variety of innovative features have been engineered into these systems, making them extremely user-friendly with enhanced safety considerations.
  6. IEEE Green Book: IEEE Std 142-2007 -- Recommended Practice For Grounding Of Industrial And Commercial Power Systems
    The IEEE Green Book reviews practices and methods of system grounding in detail. A thorough investigation of grounding problems, and the methods for solving these problems, is presented. In presenting these problems and solutions to electrical engineers worldwide, the IEEE Green Book provides a basic framework for applying fundamental principles to specific work situations and applications
  7. North Frontier Series Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
    North Frontier SCBA is as easy to use as it is rugged. Designed for the industrial user, this self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) features uncomplicated components that are dependable and easy to maintain
  8. NorthFlex Light Task ESD Anti-Static Conductive Glove
    The North Light Task ESD is a light comfortable knitted and palm coated glove with low surface resistivity that allows it to safely conduct electrostatic charge
  9. NFDS16: Cut Level 5 Dyneema Sleeve
    The NFDS16 is a cut level 5 sleeve knitted from Dyneema and glass fiber. It blends comfort with performance in a way that no other sleeve can
  10. The Hottest New Welding Helmets
    Craftsmen welders across the country were asked to help create the next generation welding helmet. The result: new Fibre-Metal FMX™ - premium quality welding helmets, with the Xtra features welders want.