Current Headlines

  1. CIS Receives President’s Award For Occupational Health And Safety

    CIS, an Acteon Company that installs conductors and piles for the oil and gas and nearshore marine construction industries, has been awarded the prestigious President’s Award for Occupational Health and Safety from the UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

  2. Portable Gas Detection Shrinks To New Dimensions

    A sensor for detecting toxic gases is now smaller, faster and more reliable. Its performance sets it up for integration in a highly sensitive portable system for detecting chemical weapons. Better miniature sensors can also rapidly detect airborne toxins where they occur, providing key information to help emergency personnel respond safely and effectively to an incident.

  3. FRAGO Gear Launches TheGoRack

    FRAGO Gear recently announced the immediate availability of TheGoRack, a patent pending, portable storage rack created by veterans to solve gear safety issues and store personnel and tactical gear.

  4. Keep Things Moving With Two High-Quality Solutions From FirstPower Group LLC

    Pieces and parts that won't move can present quite a challenge for technicians when they're out in the field servicing high voltage disconnect switches. The results can sometimes lead to damaged equipment, significant downtime or injuries.

  5. Cal/OSHA Urges Employers To Adopt Effective Procedures To Protect All Outdoor Workers From Heat Illness

    Cal/OSHA is urging all employers to protect outdoor workers from heat illness as temperatures in parts of California will remain over 90 and 100 degrees for the next two weeks.

  6. Raken Enhances Jobsite Safety And Efficiency With Launch Of Toolbox Talks

    Raken, the top-rated mobile field management solution for the construction industry, today announced the launch of Toolbox Talks, an innovative new feature that streamlines the workflow of essential jobsite safety meetings and promotes a culture of safety compliance.

  7. 7 Trench Safety Toolbox Talk Topics From United Rentals To Advance Worker Knowledge About Trench Hazards And Safe Work Practices

    United Rentals, Inc. recently announced seven Trench Safety Toolbox Talk topics to help utilities and contractors promote a safety culture.

  8. Brigade Electronics - Preventing Deaths In The Road Construction Industry

    Road construction is a hazardous occupation and ranked as one of the most dangerous places to work. While roads are now safer than ever before, incidents involving road workers have risen.

  9. Blackline Safety's G7 Triggers Emergency Response After Fiery Collision In Remote Mexico

    At 4:03 pm MDT on Friday, May 24th, Blackline Safety's (TSX.V: BLN) in-house Safety Operations Center (SOC) received two simultaneous SOS alerts from a G7 safety wearable in Mexico to report a vehicle collision and explosion.

  10. Cisco Securely Connects Harsh Environments And Remote Locations At The IoT Edge

    Chemical plants, oil refineries and mines represent some of the most challenging work environments on Earth. In these industries, connectivity and data are business-critical, with production downtime impacting the bottom line and worker safety.