Supplier News

  1. IAEA Mission Says Ethiopia's Regulatory Body Is Committed To Improving Safety Amid Challenges

    An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts said Ethiopia is committed to improving its regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety but faces some challenges, including the need to build competence in the safe management of radiation sources

  2. OSHA And The National Association Of Women In Construction Renew Alliance To Protect Safety And Health Of Female Construction Workers

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) recently renewed their alliance to continue promoting safe and healthful working conditions for female construction workers

  3. Emerging Practice Of Prevention Through Design And Technology Advances Poised To Help Improve Construction Safety

    A new study from Dodge Data & Analytics reveals the engagement with and impact of two critical trends for improving construction safety—technologies used on jobsites, and the practice of Prevention through Design (PtD)

  4. How A Managed Uniform Program Can Help Protect Outdoor Workers From ‘Cold Stress’

    As the winter season begins, keeping outdoor workers safe from falling air temperatures is a priority for many businesses across the country, even in regions that are not accustomed to frigid winter weather

  5. DEINSA Presents Its New Autumn-Winter Clothing Line For Rural And Forest Rangers

    DEINSA, a company specialized in occupational protection since 1987 with an extensive catalog of more than 8,000 references in Personal Protection Equipment (EPI), presents its new line for autumn-winter clothing for rural and forestry guards

  6. E-J Electric Installation Co. Maintains Commitment To Construction Safety

    E-J Electric Installation Co. is proud of their dedication to construction safety, and commitment to performing all work activities in an accident-free manner. To ensure that they achieve this goal, the E-J Electric team proactively educates themselves on the newest safety methods and innovations to carefully execute projects of all sizes – work ranging from small installations to major power plants

  7. PEC Safety Meets H2S Training Demands With 1,000 Authorized Instructors

    According to OSHA, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is one of the leading causes of workplace deaths related to gas inhalation, with 60 recorded exposure-related fatalities between 2001 and 2010

  8. Triax Technologies Expands Connected Jobsite, Launches Networked IoT Sensor To Track Construction Equipment

    Triax Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of technology for the connected jobsite, today announced Spot-r EquipTag, the first-of-its kind solution to track operator identity, equipment location, and equipment utilization – indoors, outdoors and in areas without clear line of sight to the sky

  9. UL EHS Sustainability Announces On Demand eLearning Site

    UL EHS Sustainability has just released a new eLearning website that makes it easier to view and purchase any of UL's thousands of award-winning workplace health and safety eLearning courses:

  10. AVX Partners With ProcessMAP To Transform Safety Performance Globally

    ProcessMAP Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise cloud software platform for Risk, Health, and Safety management, announced that AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer and supplier of a broad line of passive electronic components, interconnect devices and related products, will adopt its software solution to manage incidents and ensure employee safety at its more than 20 manufacturing facilities across the globe