1. AVO Training Catalog

    Whether we’re teaching maintenance of electrical equipment or safety procedures, or we’re analyzing a power system for arc flash hazards – everything we do supports the prevention of electrical failures and the protection of life.

  2. Datasheet: Mercury Probe/Converter, Model 83i GC

    The Thermo Scientific Model 83i GC Mercury Probe/Converter is one of the four major components of the Mercury Freedom System.

  3. Datasheet: Mercury Probe/Converter, Model 83i

    The Thermo Scientific Model 83i Mercury Probe/Converter is one of the four major components of the Mercury Freedom System.

  4. GreenLight® Environmental Brochure

    The GreenLight® Environmental series is ideal for wastewater treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants, water hygiene professionals, and environment engineers who need an accurate, low cost method of measuring disinfection efficiency.

  5. GreenLight® 910- Live Aerobic Bacteria Load Calculator

    The GreenLight® 910 can calculate live aerobic bacteria loads in as little as 45 minutes making it possible to perform real time operational changes to processes and automatically record results.

  6. GreenLight® 930- Live Aerobic Bacteria Load Calculator (High-Throughput)

    The GreenLight® 930 is capable of calculating live aerobic bacteria loads of 24 different samples in as little as 45 minutes.

  7. Cable Splicing And Terminating – Medium Voltage

    Proper installation of cable splices and terminations drastically improves the lifetime of cables and prevents damage to downstream equipment, and more importantly, nearby personnel.  Inadequate installation and testing of cable joints and terminations is the number one cause of failure (IEEE Std 493-2007 Table 10-33).  Properly trained personnel can alleviate issues and improve safety while dealing with solid dielectric power cables. 

  8. Circuit Breaker Maintenance – Low Voltage

    Low-voltage power circuit breakers are one of the most poorly maintained protection devices in many power systems.  Their exposure to moisture and contaminants makes this type of breaker more susceptible to failure without proper maintenance.  Failure can lead to nuisance trips as well as more serious and life threatening situations like arc flash hazards. 

  9. Circuit Breaker Maintenance – Medium Voltage (Air And Vacuum)

    Unlike a low-voltage breaker, medium-voltage breakers rated at 1 kV or higher rely on external controls to operate effectively.  That means technicians have more components to test and maintain.  Failure of a breaker can cause damage to other equipment and is extremely hazardous to nearby personnel.  Properly trained technicians can alleviate these dangers and improve system performance.

  10. NFPA 70E 2012 Electrical Safety

    The NFPA 70E is an OSHA recommended industry standard for electrical safety in the workplace. This standard provides practical methods for protecting personnel from the hazards of electricity at your facility. The ability to interpret this standard and correctly apply it is essential to potentially lowering electrical accidents, improving power system reliability, and realizing OSHA compliance.