Supplier News

  1. New Option For EVM Series
    Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is pleased to announce the release of the photoionization detector (PID) parts per billion (ppb) sensor for the EVM Series of Environmental Monitors.
  2. Baseline-MOCON Introduces New High-Temperature Hydrocarbon Analyzer
    Baseline-MOCON, Inc., a subsidiary of MOCON, announces the release of their new heated hydrocarbon analyzer for applications that require the sample to stay heated above its dew point.
  3. Smart Solutions For Fall Protection
    The Smart Policy MillerGuide from Miller Fall Protection is packed with tips to assist in preparing and implementing an effective and safe fall protection program.
  4. Quest Technologies Introduces Reverberation Option For SoundPro SE And DL 1/1 & 1/3 Models
    Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is pleased to introduce the Reverberation Option for the for the SoundPro SE and DL 1/1 and 1/3 Models of advanced sound level meters.
  5. New ABB System 800xA Safety Libraries Achieve SIL 2/3 Certification From Exida

    ABB announced recently that a number of its System 800xA High Integrity safety applications have received SIL 2/3 certification from exida Certification SA, an independent third party firm that offers functional safety certification and consultation

  6. NEW Online Fall Protection Training Courses Now Available From Miller Training
    Miller Training announces new online Fall Prevention & Protection Training courses that can be easily accessed from the Miller Fall Protection website...
  7. Quest Technologies Introduces The EVM-3 And EVM-4 Environmental Monitors
    Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is pleased to introduce the EVM-3 and EVM-4 to our environmental monitoring series of instrumentation. While both units feature the durability, quality and overall design of the EVM-7, the EVM-3 is optimized for particulate concentration measurement and the EVM-4 offers parameters specific to indoor air quality analysis.
  8. Quest Technologies Introduces The Verifier STI-PA Speech Intelligibility Meter
    Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is pleased to introduce the Verifier, a special type of sound level meter which offers simplified methodology for measurement of speech intelligibility STI-PA (Speech Transmission Index-Public Address), to ensure voice actuated fire alarms, mass communications and PA systems are clearly heard and understood in an emergency.
  9. Miller Introduces StopFall Fall Restraint System For Climbing Wooden Poles
    Miller StopFall Pole Climbing/Positioning and Fall Restraint System by Miller Fall Protection is specifically designed with a 75-inch pole strap (maximum length) and features a 21-inch security strap with unique gaffs that "bite" into wooden poles.
  10. Baseline-MOCON Adds New 9.6eV White Label To piD-TECH Plus Photoionization Sensor Series For More Selective VOC Analysis
    Baseline-MOCON, Inc., a subsidiary of MOCON has launched its White Label piD-TECH plus photoionization sensor at Pittcon 2009 in Chicago, IL. The White Label represents a new 9.6eV addition to Baseline-MOCON’s line of patented piD-TECH plus photoionization sensors for portable and stationary gas monitors.