• Training and Education Ergonomic Technologies Corporation offers all levels of training described by OSHA. All ETC training programs are applied and include industry appropriate, real world examples.
  • SiteHawk 6.0
    SiteHawk 6.0 SiteHawk is a unique MSDS subscription service
  • Industrial Hygiene & Health and Safety Consultation We can provide comprehensive industrial hygiene services.
  • Personal Cooling System The Personal Cooling System is designed for temperatures up to 100° F.
  • Emergency/Information Phone Pedestal Mount
    Emergency/Information Phone Pedestal Mount The ETP-PM is a highly durable, vandal-resistant pedestal that allows ADA-compliant Emergency/Information phones to be mounted anywhere
  • MiraCool Cooling Crystals
    MiraCool Cooling Crystals MiraCool Cooling Crystals encased within the 100% cotton fabric absorb and hold up to 1000 times their weight in cool refreshing water
  • HS110 Hydrogen Sulfide Monitor
    HS110 Hydrogen Sulfide Monitor The HS110 offers fast, reliable response to deadly hydrogen sulfide vapors
  • The Bluestar System
    The Bluestar System The Bluestar System informs motorists of freezing temperatures ahead of the vehicle
  • <i>Responder CSM</i>
    Responder CSM The threat of CW agents is no longer isolated to military operations
  • Ergonomics Newsletter - ErgoAdvisor
    Ergonomics Newsletter - ErgoAdvisor Humantech's quarterly newsletter, ErgoAdvisor*, is packed with information about occupational ergonomics
  • Wipe Bag
    Wipe Bag The Chemo Bio-Wipe Bag is a chemo yellow opaque polyethylene plastic bag that meets federal regulatory guidelines for
  • Leather Drivers Glove Unlined
    Leather Drivers Glove Unlined This slip-on drivers style glove is an excellent all purpose glove that performs well in all conditions
  • DoverPac®
    DoverPac® The DoverPac® system was designed in collaboration with Eli Lilly to provide high levels of reliable containment during both charging and offloading operations. The system consists of a tough fabric outer restraint and a durable film liner.
  • ATX620 Multi-Gas Aspirated Monitor
    ATX620 Multi-Gas Aspirated Monitor The ATX620 Multi-Gas Monitor provides continuous monitoring for multiple applications including leak detection, confined space entry testing or toxic gas surveys
  • Ludum Model 44-2  1"x 1" NaI Gamma Scintillator
    Ludum Model 44-2 1"x 1" NaI Gamma Scintillator Indicated Use: High energy gamma detection
  • Junior Cover Goggles These goggles offer a smaller frame for smaller faces,
  • 826 Diamond Stat  Conductive Matting
    826 Diamond Stat Conductive Matting A full 9/16 inch thick laminated anti-fatigue mat.
  • WaveShield 1000
    WaveShield 1000 The Wave Shield is a protective system about the size of a penny that adheres to the ear piece of any cellular phone
  • Classic Banners
    Classic Banners 10' Giant banners and 5' Juniors banners are made of tough poly-vinyl
  • Signs United Safety can help you meet all your signing needs
  • Loss Control Loss Control
  • Personal Lowering Device
    Personal Lowering Device The Rope Rider lowering device is designed to stand up to hard use in harsh environments and still perform up to
  • Emergency Response Plan Template
    Emergency Response Plan Template This package gives you everything you need to create and train on the subject of emergency procedures.
  • GD-444 Series Infrared Carbon Dioxide Analyzers
    GD-444 Series Infrared Carbon Dioxide Analyzers The newly expanded GD-444 SERIES of personal-size, infrared Carbon Dioxide analyzers can now also measure and display temperature and relative humidity levels
  • Employee Monitoring System
    Employee Monitoring System The G.E.M. System is a spread-spectrum radio telemetry system designed to protect firefighters by
  • Silicone Full Facepiece Air-Purifying Respirator
    Silicone Full Facepiece Air-Purifying Respirator The 7600 Series Full Facepiece respirators are designed to provide eye, face and respiratory protection while ensuring optimal comfort and performance. The hard-coated polycarbonate lens provides 200° field of vision and protects the wearer’s eyes and face against irritating gases, vapors and flying particles. Silicone facepiece material conforms to facial features and doesn’t harden with age. Silicone is easy to clean, extremely durable and resists distortion, ensuring a better fit time after time. The 7600 Series Full Facepiece sets the standard for full facepiece protection.
  • Lead Abatement
    Lead Abatement Designed as a four-hour course on the identification of lead-based paint, health effects from lead exposure, personal protective equipment and regulation.
  • The Electronic Poster We CUSTOMIZE in any FOREIGN LANGUAGE or in ENGLISH an Electronic 25" poster that flashes short 1 to 2 second CUSTOMIZED SAFETY MESSAGES where your people need it most
  • Hearing Conservation Training
    Hearing Conservation Training Training on board our vehicle eliminates the need to take employees off the production line a second time
  • PointWatch infra-red gas detector In line with its commitment to safety, the largest power station close to London, England, has installed Det-Tronics PointWatch infra-red gas detectors in an aspirated system
  • Portable Access Ladder
    Portable Access Ladder Portable ladders are designed for applications that do not allow the ability to use permanent platforms, or when space is limited
  • Lite Bite Mini Flashlight
    Lite Bite Mini Flashlight The Lite Bite provides a safer, more comfortable way to hold a mini flashlight in your mouth.
  • Conferences
    Conferences Conferences and public seminars are available on behavior-based safety and
  • Toolkit for Trainers The Trainers Toolkit helps workers to avid exposure to airborne substances that can lead to serious health effects and
  • dB Blocker Solid
    dB Blocker Solid Non Vented (Solid)
  • Electrical Safety Illustrated
    Electrical Safety Illustrated This informative new video is great for beginner and for retraining
  • Compliance Training Catalog
    Compliance Training Catalog This Compliance Training catalog features the manufacturer’s line of safety training programs.
  • 40-Hour Industrial Technical Rescue Training This program is designed for emergency responders who are expected to perform confined space rescue
  • 2007 NESC VuSpec™ CD-ROM And PDF You get the complete 2007 NESC in a new point-and-click HTML format as well as the official 2007 NESC in the Classic Adobe PDF format. With internet access, you get exclusive hyperlinks to essential resources including the IEEE Electrical Safety Resource Center, the NESC® Zone, and so much more
  • <i>CHEM-TAPE</i>
    CHEM-TAPE If you've been using standard duct tape for taping protective apparel
  • Environmental Modeling/Risk Analysis Our toxicologists and industrial hygienists are available for analysis of any environmental project.
  • Air Sampling Service Air sampling evaluations are conducted to assess and document employee exposures to toxic substances found in
  • WorkChoice 500 Series
    WorkChoice 500 Series The WorkChoice is a flame resistant PVC coated raingear system
  • The Liberator 4000 Series
    The Liberator 4000 Series Kinesiologist designed to provide a superb contoured fit, complete lumbar support and industry leading personal adjustments to ensure maximum ergonomics, including a Head Rest Option
  • 7-Minute Safety Trainer
    7-Minute Safety Trainer This 7-minute safety trainer offers supervisors complete safety training sessions to build awareness and
  • OHS Complete Reference System Searchable, electronic encyclopedia of product safety information for use in assessment and decision-making in the professional activities of EH&S
  • IEEE Safety and Security Standards Series, Vol. 1, Critical Infrastructure Each year, in the U.S., some 700 workers fall to their death, over 1200 are killed in highway accidents, and total fatalities exceed 5700. Additionally, there are over 4.2 million recorded nonfatal injuries and illnesses. (source: 2004 USBLS) Heightened security threats in recent years add to the list of ongoing risk factors that affect our world
  • One Piece Mixing Paddle Scraper
    One Piece Mixing Paddle Scraper This two-in-one tool is handy for both mixing and scraping
  • Circuit Breaker Maintenance – Low Voltage
    Circuit Breaker Maintenance – Low Voltage

    Low-voltage power circuit breakers are one of the most poorly maintained protection devices in many power systems.  Their exposure to moisture and contaminants makes this type of breaker more susceptible to failure without proper maintenance.  Failure can lead to nuisance trips as well as more serious and life threatening situations like arc flash hazards. 

  • Cyber-style Aviator
    Cyber-style Aviator Technologically and optically advanced lenses. Developed specifically for the computer user. Semi-Rimless design provides viewing with minimum distortion.
  • 3254 Series Advantage™ Lanyard
    3254 Series Advantage™ Lanyard The 3254 Series Advantage(tm) lanyard is a lightweight, flexible and economical connection between a Sellstrom/RTC harness and an anchorage
  • Cut Level 3, Bi-Polymer Coated Dyneema® Glove
    Cut Level 3, Bi-Polymer Coated Dyneema® Glove The Light Task Plus II Black™ by North Safety Products is a tough and practical Dyneema® glove in dirt-hiding gray and black. It provides a medium to high level of protection from mechanical hazards with EN388 cut and puncture resistance of level 3 and abrasion and tear resistance of level 4. The seamless Dyneema® liner is cool, comfortable and reassuringly substantial and is palm coated with a bi-polymer blend that combines the best properties of nitrile and polyurethane.
  • Circuit Breaker Maintenance – Medium Voltage (Air And Vacuum)
    Circuit Breaker Maintenance – Medium Voltage (Air And Vacuum)

    Unlike a low-voltage breaker, medium-voltage breakers rated at 1 kV or higher rely on external controls to operate effectively.  That means technicians have more components to test and maintain.  Failure of a breaker can cause damage to other equipment and is extremely hazardous to nearby personnel.  Properly trained technicians can alleviate these dangers and improve system performance.

  • Ortho Stand Antifatigue Mats
    Ortho Stand Antifatigue Mats Ortho Stand encourages frequent changes in posture, promoting improved circulation
  • The Wave Over-Head Earmuff
    The Wave Over-Head Earmuff The Wave was designed to enhance speech communication without the use of electronics
  • TemboChem2000 Inventory Management System TemboChem inventory systems combine chemical, safety equipment tracking, hazards tracking, and inventory software with lightning fast barcode data entry software.
  • WPCI drug testing training services WPCI offers a wide range of professional drug & alcohol training classes to meet the demanding education requirements of today's companies
  • Ear Plugs The DeciDamp line of hearing protectors are disposable earplugs designed to provide protection, quick recovery, and increased comfort
  • Vertical Drum Storage Cabinets
    Vertical Drum Storage Cabinets Designed to accommodate any 55-gal. drum equipped with a company-made pump
  • Visors & HeadGear
    Visors & HeadGear Attaches most Huntsman welding helmets (with nylon lugs) safely and securely to a hard hat
  • Standard Nomex Cooling Vest
    Standard Nomex Cooling Vest Get the same features as the Standard Cooling Vest with added fire retardant Nomex fabric for those applications calling for fire retardant P.P.E.
  • Highway Professional®  Posters
    Highway Professional® Posters The performance of your drivers - their attitudes, their skills
  • Audiometric Services
    Audiometric Services The OSHA Hearing Conservation Amendment 29 CFR 1910.95 sets requirements and makes recommendations for occupational
  • ChemChip Personal Monitor
    ChemChip Personal Monitor The ChemChip Personal Monitor is worn as a badge during exposure events
  • Accident Prevention Tags
    Accident Prevention Tags Carlton manufactures these tags to resist moisture, grease, oil and corrosion
  • SPF 15 & 30 Pro Sport
    SPF 15 & 30 Pro Sport Patented dry lotion formula combines 35 percent Aloe Vera Gel with four active sunscreen ingredients
  • Safe Attitude Posters®
    Safe Attitude Posters® Careless attitudes are a ticking time bomb
  • Back Safety Back injuries are expensive no matter how you calculate the cost
  • Premier Image
    Premier Image Premier Image® puts the highest standards of safety and image at your customers' feet
  • Cartridges
    Cartridges US Safety supplies a complete range of cartridges so you can choose the appropriate protection for your application.
  • Spill Control - Red Z
    Spill Control - Red Z In today's work environment, professionals who come in contact with blood and fluid waste products run the risk of exposure to potentially infectious hazards
  • The ProLift Electrical Lift
    The ProLift Electrical Lift The ProLift is developed to meet the demands for a highly practical, electrical lift that handles weights up to 120 kg...
  • NSC Product - Prefabricated Smoking Shelters
    NSC Product - Prefabricated Smoking Shelters Featuring a standard door, screens and roof-ridge ventilation, the Air-Flo shelter is a modular, fully enclosed prefabricated smoking shelter
  • NEW CF2000 Series Respirators
    NEW CF2000 Series Respirators We’ve created the new CF2000 Series Respirators featuring the North Interchangeable Breathing Tube
  • Single Tension Spiral Stay Wrist Support
    Single Tension Spiral Stay Wrist Support Spiral stays under the user’s wrist to encourage a neutral position, while special elastic conforms to support the
  • Portable Emergency Medical Oxygen Delivery System
    Portable Emergency Medical Oxygen Delivery System Until now if you needed portable O2, cumbersome tanks that needed constant maintenance were the only option
  • Ez Readers
    Ez Readers For ideal concentration, block out distracting noises with EZ Readers
  • InspectAir Carbon Dioxide Meter InspectAir Carbon Dioxide Meter is a small, portable instrument that measures concentrations
  • Eclipse NFPA 1971, 1997
    Eclipse NFPA 1971, 1997 Unique utility cuff can be worn as knitwrist or gauntlet and allows rapid donning of wet glove
  • Transforming Chairs
    Transforming Chairs New Leap chairs contour to your spine and continually
  • Nuclear
    Nuclear NuFab - The Ultimate Protection For Nuclear, Other Radioactive And Pharmaceutical Environments NuFab represents a true breakthrough in protective apparel for nuclear power operations,
  • Watches
    Watches A range of watches are available, including SwimSafe, LumiBrite, Titanium, and TiCN Finish
  • Atrion Data Solutions Includes all major national inventories for regulated markets worldwide and information on over 204,000 regulated chemicals
  • Aros G-Saver II
    Aros G-Saver II The AROS G-Saver II uses all the features found in the G-Stop and adds an internal gear mechanism
  • Injury Incidence Reduction Program
    Injury Incidence Reduction Program Working with the employer, this company develops injury incidence reduction programs designed to provide the
  • Fabric Structure This enhanced fabric structure is for KLEENGUARD Ultra
  • CET Series of Gas Detection Systems
    CET Series of Gas Detection Systems The CET series of Gas Detection Systems are used for a wide variety of hazardous and air quality applications. The fixed system product line includes self-contained one to four channel systems, multi-channel systems, analog transmitters and specialty products for unique applications.
  • 810 Stat-Safe  Conductive Matting
    810 Stat-Safe Conductive Matting An olefin/loop-pile carpet top surface is attractive and functional.<
  • On-Site Decontamination Shower
    On-Site Decontamination Shower The Defend Emergency Decontamination Shower provides decontamination facilities on-site without
  • Cable Splicing And Terminating – Medium Voltage
    Cable Splicing And Terminating – Medium Voltage

    Proper installation of cable splices and terminations drastically improves the lifetime of cables and prevents damage to downstream equipment, and more importantly, nearby personnel.  Inadequate installation and testing of cable joints and terminations is the number one cause of failure (IEEE Std 493-2007 Table 10-33).  Properly trained personnel can alleviate issues and improve safety while dealing with solid dielectric power cables. 

  • Tiger Vest Harness
    Tiger Vest Harness The Vestype harness contains three shoulder strap adjustment points and a choice of Qwik-Fit
  • APEX®
    APEX® Teknor Apex has developed an extensive library of PVC compounds to serve the requirements of many different industries and applications
  • Minilite Fall Limiter by Miller
    Minilite Fall Limiter by Miller A MiniLite Fall Limiter is a self-retracting lanyard with a quick activating braking system that limits free falls to inches
  • S73 Avanti
    S73 Avanti Duramide frame with high gloss finish makes Avanti an exceptional performer in eye safety
  • Intoxilyzer S-D2
    Intoxilyzer S-D2 The Intoxilyzer S-D2 is a leader in breath alcohol screening worldwide
  • Industrial Knee Pads
    Industrial Knee Pads All purpose industrial knee pads are made of durable cordura nylon
  • Breath Alcohol Testing EHS can help you create a comprehensive alcohol abuse program including education, testing, monitoring and even training your breath alcohol technicians.
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