• AddLight Secondary Lighting™
    AddLight Secondary Lighting™ AddLight Secondary Lighting™ is ideal for any lights-out situation up to 68 hours
  • Air Purifying Gas Masks
    Air Purifying Gas Masks These NBC Gas Masks are adult and child air purifying gas masks designed for protection against nuclear, biological and chemical agents in
  • ITEM #240510K
  • Consulting and Marketing Services ForeignExchange offers a number of value-added expert services to its clients...
  • Vehicle Safety Mirrors
    Vehicle Safety Mirrors The L.L. Brossard Company expands its line to include vehicle safety mirrors which prevent costly accidents for fork lifts
  • Prescription Safety Frame
    Prescription Safety Frame The PC112 safety frame features a plastic unisex style and
  • Visor Light The Visor Lite signaling device is designed to be easily slipped over a vehicle’s sun visor and can be used to summon police or other assistance, or to identify the operator of the vehicle
    PAPERLESS INCENTIVE PROGRAM ENDS ADMINISTRATIVE HEADACHES New Star Bucks Online gives you a private website to issue incentive points to your employees
  • S29 Vistalux
    S29 Vistalux Vistalux is the answer for protection, style, and comfort at a very economical cost
  • Transforming Chairs
    Transforming Chairs New Leap chairs contour to your spine and continually
  • ORALconfirm Confirmation for the presence of drugs of abuse in oral fluid.
  • MSDS Management Software
    MSDS Management Software MSDS Standard is a software program designed for the electronic management of
  • MSA V-Gard Slotted Caps
    MSA V-Gard Slotted Caps Feature easily adjustable suspension, Cushionaire™ sweatband & adjustable crown strap
  • Q810 duct-mount gas detection Installation of Det-Tronics Q810 duct-mount gas detection enclosures fitted with Pointwatch hydrocarbon sensors to monitor an acetone drying process at Hoechst Celanese in Virginia provided a simpler and less expensive solution
  • SKC Universal XR Series Air Samplers
    SKC Universal XR Series Air Samplers The universal solution to your sample pump needs, SKC Universal XR Series Air Sample Pumps provide flows from 5 to 5000 ml/min.
  • Flents Quiet Please Earplugs
  • Tool Wrap
    Tool Wrap GripStrip handle wrap features textured gripping surface and a full length Gelpact pad to provide shock absorbing capabilities and enhanced tool control
  •   Palm & Finger Coated Seamless Knit Glove
    Palm & Finger Coated Seamless Knit Glove Rubber coated seamless knit glove with coated fingers and textured palm
  • Health & Safety Training To assure your facility’s compliance with federal and state health & safety regulations and reduce the number of injuries to your employees, Premier Autoworkers Inc. offers a complete listing of health & safety training
  • Cleaning, Storage and Testing Accessories
    Cleaning, Storage and Testing Accessories A line of cleaning, storage, and testing accessories are available for respirator users
  • Insulated Hand Protection
    Insulated Hand Protection Grain pig skin leather glove with wing thumb, thermosock lining & high visibility 3M reflective strips
  • Air Source Equipment
    Air Source Equipment Five models of ambient air pumps, an oil-less compressor, Air-Carts, filtration panels and accessories, and cascade kits are included in the company’s line of air source products
  • Knee-Pro Ultra Flex II
    Knee-Pro Ultra Flex II Knee-Pro pads provide the ultimate combination of protection, comfort, durability and reliability
  • T40 Rattler Single Gas Monitor
    T40 Rattler Single Gas Monitor Designed to protect personnel from dangerous hydrogen sulfide or carbon monoxide gas exposure in the most extreme conditions. This unit is ideally suited for applications in such diverse climates as the desert or the arctic. T40 Rattler is compact and lightweight. It can easily be clipped to a belt, shirt pocket or hard hat.
  • Mini Thermo-Anemometer
    Mini Thermo-Anemometer Dual display of Air Velocity and Temperature or Windchill
  • Incident Response PPE Kit
    Incident Response PPE Kit The North Safety Incident Response PPE Kit is essential for anyone who responds to disaster incidents. Fire Service, Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical personnel responsible for the control and remediation of an incident need the contents of this kit to protect themselves from various hazards and contaminates which may be encountered.
  • Cardex Mastercard iCard
    Cardex Mastercard iCard The MasterCard iCard is a prepaid virtual debit card that is purchased online and delivered instantly to any email address in the world.
  • Liquid Proof, Nitrile Supported  Glove for Multiple Solvent Handling Applications
    Liquid Proof, Nitrile Supported Glove for Multiple Solvent Handling Applications If you need a great liquid proof glove for multiple solvent handling applications then choose North’s Nitri-Knit™ Glove. A unique textured finish gives you a sure grip on oily, wet or dry objects. A tough nitrile outer layer, and comfortable knit inner layer, resists snags, cuts, abrasion and punctures from mechanical hazards. North’s Nitri-Knit Glove helps you multitask on the job.
  • Knee Protection
    Knee Protection More than a dozen different kneepad designs are offered by this company for a range of applications
  • 900 Series Harness
    900 Series Harness A fixed from dee strategically located to give the worker a balanced feel while working or climbing
  • <i>System CPF</i>
    System CPF System CPF® is the first complete matrix of chemical garments that makes it easy to choose the right level of protection.
  • Environmental Compliance Software
    Environmental Compliance Software The Super-Reg is PC-based software that improves compliance by providing the full text of
  • Work Light
    Work Light The WOBBLE Light is a portable, resilient work light with
  • SX Series Eyewear
    SX Series Eyewear Wraparound polycarbonate lens offers distortion-free optics, maximum impact resistance and outstanding all-around coverage
  • Custom Hearing Protectors The new dB Blockers hearing protectors are custom fit to help improve a comfortable fit and effective noise
  • OHS Inventory Match Outsourcing of vendor MSDS Management to create and maintain the highest-quality hazard communication standards
  • Miller® Vinyl-Coated Products
    Miller® Vinyl-Coated Products A new line of Miller Revolution Harnesses and Miller Shock-Absorbing Lanyards features a special vinyl coating on the webbing to protect against a variety of liquids that could compromise overall performance.
  • Protective Footwear The manufacturer’s structurally engineered moldable composite technology enables this new footwear line to meet
  • ChemExpress&#153 Mercury Monitor
    ChemExpress™ Mercury Monitor Personal Monitors make it easy to get accurate results for monitoring workers' exposure in compliance with OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits
  • Confined Space Gas Detector Smaller, smarter, less expensive, and even easier to use
  • Indoor Air Formaldehyde Passive Sampler
    Indoor Air Formaldehyde Passive Sampler The Indoor Air Formaldehyde Passive Sampler is the only device specifically designed for accurate indoor measurements of low formaldehyde levels in the home,
  • Roof Anchor Bracket
    Roof Anchor Bracket Constructed of durable 14 gauge galvanized metal
  • Incentive Program
    Incentive Program The SmartCard program issues one card to all employees, which stores all employee data.
  • Electrical Hazards Faceshield
    Electrical Hazards Faceshield The ArcShield is used for low level electrical hazards.
  • Eyewear Retention
    Eyewear Retention Designed to hold up under fire, the DuraChum retainer is
  • MSDS Manager Enviryx scans your MSDS into the Enviryx Internet-based MSDS system in the original manufacturer's format
  • #1740 N95 Particulate Respirator with Valve
    #1740 N95 Particulate Respirator with Valve New LPD (low pressure drop) exhalation valve provides easier breathing
  • IEEE Standard For Qualification Of Safety-Related Actuators For Nuclear Power Generating Stations Direction for the implementation of the requirements of IEEE Std 323™-2003 as they apply to the specific features of safety-related actuator qualification are provided
  • Federal Regulation Poster
    Federal Regulation Poster The Federal 5 Plus 2 Poster covers laws and regulations pertaining to EEOC, minimum wage, the Fair Labor Standards Act, OSHA, FMLA and
  • Restraint & Work Positioning Lanyards
    Restraint & Work Positioning Lanyards Rope lanyards feature a five-tuck splice, exclusive seizing method
  • Wireless Headset
    Wireless Headset The PowerCom is a wireless communication headset that features wide foam filled ear cushions, a lightweight design, and an
  • TJ Maxx and Marshalls Gift Certificate
    TJ Maxx and Marshalls Gift Certificate TJX Gift Certificates, redeemable at over 1100 T.J. Maxx and Marshalls locations nationwide, are a proven motivator for safety, recognition, sales, and attendance programs
  • Fuel Storage
    Fuel Storage Made from sturdy galvanized steel, this can is double seamed on the bottom and has seamless sides
  • Pathfinders Protective Eyewear
    Pathfinders Protective Eyewear There are leaders and followers in the protective eyewear industry, and with the unveiling of the Pathfinders glasses, Sellstrom puts itself at the head of the pack
  • EasyStep 4000
    EasyStep 4000 The EasyStep 4000 allows you to create the exact sign or label you need, at the exact place you need it, in seconds
  • Training Booklets
    Training Booklets These Safety Employee Booklets are OSHA mandated training books and cover a
  • Hazardous Material Storage Buildings
    Hazardous Material Storage Buildings Environmental Safety Products Hazardous Material Storage units are designed and manufactured to meet all your specific storage requirements
  • Forklift Certification This forklift certification on CD-ROM is a course that explains the fundamentals of forklift safety, and
  • Skylight Safety Screen
    Skylight Safety Screen The Model F skylight screen is developed to provide a cost-effective, easy to install prevention to falls through
  • Ear Plug Dispenser An ear plug dispenser is a highly visible, bright purple permanent hearing protection center that is designed to be easy for workers to
  • Special Reports Customized Reports Based Upon The Special Needs And Requests Of Clients
  • PF10-Polar Fleece
    PF10-Polar Fleece Our polar fleece series offers supreme comfort and practical protection against the cold elements
  • North Polar® Gloves for Cold Work Environments
    North Polar® Gloves for Cold Work Environments North Polar® Glove is Warm & Waterproof: Protect your hands with the North Polar® glove. This insulated, hard wearing leather palm work glove is made to keep your hands and wrists safe from ordinary work hazards while working in the biting cold. If you need a warm, waterproof general purpose work glove for cold work environments, then the North Polar Glove has you covered.
  • Fall Protection: Miller Falcon™ Self-Retracting Lifelines
    Fall Protection: Miller Falcon™ Self-Retracting Lifelines Nearly indestructible, the high impact-resistant nylon housing withstands the harsh rigors of the toughest applications. The lightest, most rugged line of composite retractables are designed with smooth, round edges to increase durability.
  • Training We are authorized to teach OSHA Compliance courses (both the 10 and 30 hour courses)
  • Soft Touch Accident Prevention Posters Introducing our biggest … most persuasive … most convincing safety poster ever
  • EX Series Eyewear
    EX Series Eyewear A unique biomorphic design combined with a non-slip nosepiece and patented pivoting temple axis delivers all-day ease of wear
  • Universal 44XR
    Universal 44XR The 44XR does the work of both a high flow and a low flow pump in one unit.
  • ErgoSURE Pro
    ErgoSURE Pro Help your clients develop ergonomic programs based on real-life situations, not guess work
  • SafetyOfficeSuite® Pro Multi-User
    SafetyOfficeSuite® Pro Multi-User SafetyOfficeSuite® Pro Multi-User Features:
    • Bundled package - OSHALOG® 300 Plus and TRAINLOGTM
    • Save $199.00 with the bundle
  • Sensors: Wind-Speed Transmitters
    Sensors: Wind-Speed Transmitters Models TV-110-L2 and TV-114 are also the same size, use the same exterior gold anodized components but utilize different sensing schemes
  • Safety Can Storage Models 25545 and 25300 are cabinets that provide on-site storage for flammables or combustible materials
  • Alcohol Tester
    Alcohol Tester The Ensure Personal Alcohol Tester uses semiconductor sensors for accuracy and is small and portable...
  • Illuminated Industrial Safety Vest
    Illuminated Industrial Safety Vest Not only reflects light, but also radiates and magnifies its own light, providing optimum protection in low light
  • PC Compliance Safety Management Software v3.0: Network 5 User Multi-Facility Version: 5 Sites
    PC Compliance Safety Management Software v3.0: Network 5 User Multi-Facility Version: 5 Sites Simplify your OSHA accident & illness recordkeeping & reporting - automatically!
  • NSC Product - Industrial Rug
    NSC Product - Industrial Rug Featuring a camouflage pattern, the BattleMat industrial rug is available in 15- to 30-in. perforated rolls
  • E-A-R, Classic, No Cord, Pillow Pack
    E-A-R, Classic, No Cord, Pillow Pack The barrel shape of the E-A-R, Classic, No Cord, Pillow Pack provides a custom fit for each user
  • Cooling Jacket
    Cooling Jacket The Kool Jacket Lite features a personal cooling system that circulates cold water through a tubing matrix sewn
  • Adjustable Keyboard
    Adjustable Keyboard The Pace VG-101 Adjustable Keyboard is a complete solution
  • Contractor’s Fall Protection Solution: Durabilt Fall Protection Kits
    Contractor’s Fall Protection Solution: Durabilt Fall Protection Kits These economical Durabilt Fall Protection Kits by North Safety Products put basic fall protection equipment into one easy to source, easy to distribute kit that comes in a handy Durabilt carry bag. Each Durabilt Kit contains the basic gear you need to work safe at heights.
  • Beam Clamp
    Beam Clamp This new fixed beam anchor clamps beams from 12 in. to 36 in. in width up to 2 ½ in. thick and is designed to provide
  • Corporate Medical Director and Professional Advisory
    Corporate Medical Director and Professional Advisory Our Medical Director is Board Certified in Occupational Medicine and is instrumental in developing, implementing
  • Management Accountability and Performance Measurement There is a concern in industry today regarding the best method to measure safety and environmental performance
  • #2747 N95 Particulate Respirator with Exhalation Valve and Sure-Fit Nose Cushion
    #2747 N95 Particulate Respirator with Exhalation Valve and Sure-Fit Nose Cushion All the premium features and benefits of the #2737 plus an easy-breathing exhalation valve designed to facilitate air exchange
  • Astrospec OTG 3001
    Astrospec OTG 3001 Designed to fit over-the-glass, the Astrospec OTG® 3001™ is ideal for prescription glass wearers or those who need larger safety glass
  • ProThotics Universal with VyGel
    ProThotics Universal with VyGel Universal orthoses are designed to cradle the heel and support the arch while providing maximum comfort and excellent durability. This full length product is made of highly resilient cellular urethane providing excellent shock absorption and cushioning in a low profile design allowing proper fit in almost any type of footwear.
  • Pneumatic Scissors Airshirz industrial pneumatic scissors help increase worker productivity while reducing muscle fatigue in fiberglass
  • SafetyOfficeSuite®
    SafetyOfficeSuite® SafetyOfficeSuite® Features:
    • Bundled package - OSHALOG® 300 and TRAINLOGTM
    • Save $99.00 with the bundle
  • Head, Ear and Eye Protection
    Head, Ear and Eye Protection A wide variety of Safety Glass styles, sizes, colors and cost
  • Safety Relay Modules
    Safety Relay Modules Safety Relay Modules Detect and Locate Safety System Faults
  • Active Sampling Particulate Monitor
    Active Sampling Particulate Monitor The company offers a very small and versatile aerosol monitor/data logger, the personal DataRam which provides real-time measurement and direct readout of concentrations of airborne dust, smoke, mists, and fumes.
  • Storm Detection Device
    Storm Detection Device ThunderBolt is advanced computer technology that alerts you to oncoming thunderstorms up to sixty miles away and provides a detailed readout of the storm’s range, speed and ETA
  • Contoured Back Support
    Contoured Back Support Providing support to the lower back, the Custom Fit contoured back support helps promote proper posture and lifting techniques
  • Safety Awareness II--Gory Story Better than the first Gory Story-this must add new video captures employees attention and makes them think
  • Safe-T-Wrist SD Wrist Support
    Safe-T-Wrist SD Wrist Support Provides moderate support for tasks requiring extension, flexion and rotation of the wrist
  • Cast Padding The Clinitex line of cast padding is made of synthetic fibers that help repel water and dry rapidly
  • Noise Dosimeter
    Noise Dosimeter The Spark 706 SLM/Noise Dosimeter measures sound exposure dose with any
  • The First Aid Basics Training Program
    The First Aid Basics Training Program First Aid Basics Training Program addresses current information in the American Red Cross, National Safety Council and OSHA guidelines
  • 830 Switchboard Matting Non-Conductive Matting
    830 Switchboard Matting Non-Conductive Matting Full 1/4 inch thick vinyl compound to prevent electrical shock