• Functional Employment Testing Services OneComp has partnered with one of the nation's largest medical/functional employment testing companies
  • The Construction Foreman’s Guide to OSHA Regulations™
    The Construction Foreman’s Guide to OSHA Regulations™ OSHA-Proof Your Construction Job Sites
  • 10 Person Size
    10 Person Size 10 Person Kit OSHA & ANSI Approved (Hard White Plastic Case w/ 2 closures & Holes in handle for wall mounting) Basic First Aid Instruction Card Abdominal Pad 5"X9" Sterile 6 Sterile elastic bandages, 7/8 X 3" 2 Sterile Fingertip bandages, 1 3/4"X 3" 2 Sterile Knuckle bandages, 1 1/2" X 3" 16 Sterile plastic bandages, 1" X 3" 12 BZK Antiseptic Towelettes Instant Cold Pack Sterile Eye Pad 6 Individual Packets First Aid Cream Sterile Gauze Bandage, 2" X 6 yds, 4 Sterile Gauze Pads 3" X 3" 6 Hand Cleaning Towelettes 4 Vinyl Gloves Rubber Elastic Bandage, 2"w/fasteners 6 Safety Pins 4" Scissors 3 1/2" Splinter Forcep (tweezers) 3 Sting Stop Prep Pads Roll of tape, 1/2" X 5 yds, Triangle Bandage
  • Management Assistance Our desire is to create a partnership with members that represents more than merely meeting their needs. Every WCI associate is dedicated to exceeding your expectations.
  • RamFan Blower
    RamFan Blower The RamFan features the Quick Coupler duct system
  • Electronic Magazine
    Electronic Magazine The e.NSC magazine is an electronic safety and health publication that allows the user to save each issue on
  • Particle Monitor
    Particle Monitor Rugged continuous on-line, in-line Particle Monitor for monitoring solid particles in gases and liquids, and liquid droplets in gases
  • BatonBrite Safety Baton BatonBrite is designed for use as a safety baton by industrial occupations such as construction workers, airport crews, railroad workers, fire and police departments, surveyors, traffic crossing guards, road crews, and traffic control flaggers...
  • Professional Safety Harness
    Professional Safety Harness Body Fall Arrest Harness
  • Custom Safety Signs
    Custom Safety Signs In supplement to I-Dent's extensive inventory of safety signs, we also offer signs tailor made to your
  • Universal CPU Holder
    Universal CPU Holder This universal CPU holder offers a storage solution for a
  • ORALscreen Collectors Sample Collection Device for Oral Fluid. 10 per pack.
  • Manufacturer Submission Program Manufacturers of products requiring MSDSs can submit the web address locations
  • Ergonomic Solution Development & Implementation A quantitative approach may be necessary for the development of specific engineering or design specifications required for risk abatement.
  • GD-444 Series Infrared Carbon Dioxide Analyzers
    GD-444 Series Infrared Carbon Dioxide Analyzers The newly expanded GD-444 SERIES of personal-size, infrared Carbon Dioxide analyzers can now also measure and display temperature and relative humidity levels
    V-GARD HARD HATS & CAPS V-Gard Protective Caps and Hats from MSA consist of a polyethylene shell and suspension system working together
  • Computer and Web-Based Training in Ergonomics
    Computer and Web-Based Training in Ergonomics This company offers all levels of computer and web-based training support, from development of individual ergonomics
  • North RITE-ON™ Comfort Harness
    North RITE-ON™ Comfort Harness Ergonomic, lightweight, and tangle free; the RITE-ON™ Harness is so comfortable and easy to use that your workers can wear it for 8 hours without the need to remove it – increasing safety and productivity on your jobsite.
  • ITEM #420110P
  • Your Lock is Your Key to Life Group/Lockout Training Program
    Your Lock is Your Key to Life Group/Lockout Training Program Your Lock is Your Key to Life Training Program provides thorough instruction on OSHA recommended safety practices and procedures for group lockout — multi-craft / multi-shift lockout operations.
  • Cowhide Freezer Glove
    Cowhide Freezer Glove An excellent heavy duty, insulated cold weather or freezer glove
  • Comm Devices
    Comm Devices The Savox noise-com® from Howard Leight is a completely new kind of communication device that enables the use of your current model of hand portable radio, or a cellular phone, for communication in high noise environments
  • Chain Saw Protective Clothing
    Chain Saw Protective Clothing Chain Saw Chaps, Leggings and Vests use Prolar protective fibers, designed to explode on
  • Fabric Structure This enhanced fabric structure is for KLEENGUARD Ultra
  • Hard Hats
    Hard Hats From the specific needs of miners to the demands of high heat work sites
  • Vertical Drum Storage Cabinets
    Vertical Drum Storage Cabinets Designed to accommodate any 55-gal. drum equipped with a company-made pump
  • NSC Product - Safety Gloves
    NSC Product - Safety Gloves The company offers a line of fully supported natural latex, synthetic latex and PVC gloves
  • Hoods for Firefighting
    Hoods for Firefighting Nomex, PBI, and Lenzing P84, and other knitted fabrics
  • Tyvek, DisposabBle Snap Front Jacket Or Pants
    Tyvek, DisposabBle Snap Front Jacket Or Pants Strong, tear and puncture resistant garments that withstand most chemicals and acids
  • Industrial Employee Safety System The G.E.M. System is a spread-spectrum radio telemetry system designed to protect employees by identifying and naming any in distress
  • 1500 Model Twin Beam Work Light
    1500 Model Twin Beam Work Light The ABL 1500 is a 3x5 inch work light with two H3 halogen bulbs.
  • Sanitizer Deodorizer
    Sanitizer Deodorizer ARI Sanitizer Deodorizer kills most germs on contact and prevents the growth of mold and mildew
  • PC Compliance Training Management Software v3.0: Stand Alone Version
    PC Compliance Training Management Software v3.0: Stand Alone Version Training your employees can be time-consuming and costly... Tracking & recording, it shouldn’t be.
  • Laboratory/Bench ECD gas chromatograph This unit was available as a basic chromatograph and as an automated unit under control of a microprocessor
  • The Roofer's System:
    The Roofer's System: The Roofer's System works on sloped, shingled roofs, and is installed on the roof eave
  • Steel-Toe Shoes
    Steel-Toe Shoes The TX Traction footwear line offers steel-toe, slip-resistant footwear in a variety of popular and fashionable styles
  • 2199 Fur Face
    2199 Fur Face The heavy 100% cotton double-napped “Fur Face” is your ally between your hands and those frigid jobs
  • Consulting and Marketing Services ForeignExchange offers a number of value-added expert services to its clients...
  • Disposable Earplugs
    Disposable Earplugs MULTIMAX (NRR 31) is a uniquely designed two-sizes-in-one ear plug-you have the choice of which tip fits and works best and is most comfortable for you
  • <i>Responder Plus</i>
    Responder Plus Kappler's softer, stronger, high-viz hazmat garment
  • MSDSpro Classic MSDSpro Classic
  • ShockWave2 Shock Absorbing Lanyard
    ShockWave2 Shock Absorbing Lanyard The ShockWave2™ shock absorbing lanyard offers a unique stretchable design
  • Hazwoper
    Hazwoper Hazardous Waste and Material courses
  • Tote Bins
    Tote Bins Need temporary protection against incidental barrel spills? Our Drums-Up and new Drums-Up Jr let you control nuisance
  • National Electrical Safety Code® Handbook, Sixth Edition The 2007 NESC Handbook, Sixth Edition, edited by Allen Clapp, is an essential companion to the Code. It gives users insight into what lies behind the NESC's rules and how to apply them
  • StopFall Pole Climbing/Positioning And Fall Restraint System
    StopFall Pole Climbing/Positioning And Fall Restraint System The Miller StopFall System features a rugged pole strap, constructed of nylon safety strapping with a non-slip rubber belting interior, and a polyester webbing security strap with rubber belting and unique gaffs that “bite” into wood poles — whether dry, wet, conduit or ice covered.
  • Fall Prevention System
    Fall Prevention System The MFPS foldout guardrail enclosure consists of two sets of folding guardrails, which form an enclosed work area
  • Square D I-LINE/ Federal Pacific Cirucit Breaker Lockout
    Square D I-LINE/ Federal Pacific Cirucit Breaker Lockout Panduit Corp., Tinley Park, IL, has announced the introduction of a new Circuit Breaker Lockout Device specially designed for use with Square D I-LINE* and equivalent breaker brands and styles as well as Federal Pacific (FPE) circuit breakers
  • New Cut Level 5 Glove: NorthFlex™ NFF13C Nitri Task C5™ Glove
    New Cut Level 5 Glove: NorthFlex™ NFF13C Nitri Task C5™ Glove The Nitri Task C5™ is a cut level 5 glove developed by North Safety Products to offer the highest levels of cut, tear and abrasion resistance. The seamless shell is a blend of aramid and steel fibers. Foamed nitrile coating extends past the knuckles for added protection.
  • Beam Clamp
    Beam Clamp This new fixed beam anchor clamps beams from 12 in. to 36 in. in width up to 2 ½ in. thick and is designed to provide
  • Revolution Derrick-Oil Rig Harnesses
    Revolution Derrick-Oil Rig Harnesses New Miller Derrick/Oil Rig Harnesses and Accessories, featuring the innovative Miller Revolution Harness, are designed to meet the specific safety needs of workers in the oil industry.
  • Grande Nylon Bag
    Grande Nylon Bag Great Incentive Gift
  • Safety Award Program
    Safety Award Program CSC’s safety award program provides merchandise awards to
  • Compact Alarm Monitor
    Compact Alarm Monitor The DMP704 is designed to receive up to 100 Direct Connect inputs such as reverse polarity, tones or end-of-line resistor types.
  • ErgoArmz Component Systems Breakthrough Technology that has both 180° horizontal and 24 Inch Vertical Positioning accommodating sitting to standing positions
  • Overhead Crane Safety
    Overhead Crane Safety This comprehensive training program is designed for companies that use indoor cranes and jib hoists
  • Guardian AquaGuard Eye Wash Station
    Guardian AquaGuard Eye Wash Station This 16-gallon portable eye wash station provides up to 15 minutes of gravity fed flushing
  • Moldex
    Moldex Moldex Foam Ear Plugs
  • SafeTLift Catalog
    SafeTLift Catalog This web site features important information
  • Double Leather Palm Work Glove with Safety Cuff
    Double Leather Palm Work Glove with Safety Cuff Select shoulder split leather palm, leather index finger, tips, thumb and first finger, knuckle strap and pull
  • Escape-Rite®
    Escape-Rite® The Escape-Rite® is a compact, lightweight industrial descent device that can be used for emergency egress
  • Audits We have a license to use one of the most powerful audit programs available today to conduct OSHA compliance audits
  • Bee Bopper Wasp and Hornet Spray
    Bee Bopper Wasp and Hornet Spray This powerful weapon kills bees, wasps, and hornets!
  • OR24 miniPC-Pack
    OR24 miniPC-Pack The OR24 miniPC-Pack is a mobile, 4-channel, PC-based noise & vibration analyzer
  • Gift Certificates
    Gift Certificates CardEx offers gift certificates from a broad selection of more than 40 popular, nationwide merchants
  • Climate-Controlled Collar
    Climate-Controlled Collar This soft, pliable KOOLCOLLAR wraps around the neck to provide comfortable 65° or 8565°F relief for
  • Working Lumbar Belt
    Working Lumbar Belt The Safe-T-Belt Working Lumbar Belt is designed using fundamental principles in Orthopedic design.
  • Fire Protection Engineering Analysis HSB Professional Loss Control excels in applying state-of-the-art technologies to evaluate and solve tomorrow's problems as well as today's
  • Back Support Back supports in The Safe-T-Belt line feature four, lightweight aluminum stays and a foam compression pad to provide added support to the fifth lumbar region
  • The Advanced Ergonomics Manual Designed for those concerned with occupational illness and injuries
  • IEEE Standard For Electrical Safety Practices In Electrolytic Cell Line Working Zones Means for improved safeguarding of personnel while operating or maintaining equipment located in electrolytic cell line working zones are provided. Included are related requirements for equipment and electrical conductor installations
  • GraviBar®
    GraviBar® GraviBar® is easy to install, versatile in use and long lasting.
  • PD103
    PD103 Tough black or orange PVC dots on the palm, thumb, and index finger offer super grip and extended wear for the user
  • ANSI Sign
    ANSI Sign Ensure a higher level of safety with these ANSI signs designed to provide greater hazard awareness
  • MSDS Authoring Wizard V4.0 Software
    MSDS Authoring Wizard V4.0 Software By using MSDS Authoring Wizard, your organization will be utilizing the most efficient tool for the generation of Material Safety Data Sheets
  • BBL's Engineering group
    BBL's Engineering group BBL's Engineering group is comprised of nearly 500 engineers and support staff with expertise in environmental and civil engineering
  • Custom-cut Shipping Cases
    Custom-cut Shipping Cases A must for owners of radiation detection instruments. Desinged to reduce damage associated with shipping
  • EH&S Products
    EH&S Products EH&S Products reaches readers of ever major influence in the environmental, health and safety marketplace.
  • VX Series Eyewear A unique biomorphic design combined with a non-slip nosepiece and patented pivoting temple axis delivers all-day ease of wear
  • Thermal Imager
    Thermal Imager This thermal imager has computer chip technology and an Ultem thermoplastic
  • Indoor/Outdoor Emergency Keypad Phone
    Indoor/Outdoor Emergency Keypad Phone The ETP-400K is an Emergency/Information phone that is perfect for medical centers, access control buildings, and other locations where secure communications are needed
  • 'The Edge': Micro Size Cable-Free Noise Dosimeter
    'The Edge': Micro Size Cable-Free Noise Dosimeter Now there’s a new, more innovative family of personal noise dosimeters. Available in three models, The Edge offers advanced technology packaged in a cable-free, compact frame for a lighter, more ergonomic way to monitor noise levels.
  • Respiratory Protection Course This respiratory protection CD-ROM course covers the critical areas of OSHA’s final Respiratory Protection Standard (1910.134), and instructs workers on how to
  • Loading Dock Door
    Loading Dock Door Loading Dock Door Defense System
  • Mechanical Systems Analysis Exponent provides clients with a thorough comprehension of current or potential designs to determine vulnerabilities
  • Universal PCXR4 with Timer and Flow Fault Features
    Universal PCXR4 with Timer and Flow Fault Features Highly accurate, yet easy to operate, the versatile PCXR4 Universal Sampler is well suited for environmental sampling the 5 to 5000 ml/min flow range.
  • OHS HazCom System Compliant access for all U.S. employees and ongoing maintenance of MSDS collections
  • Protective Clothing
    Protective Clothing BWS Distributors is a full line distributor of Protective Clothing including
  • Worknit CD Insulated Nitrile Work Glove by North Safety Products
    Worknit CD Insulated Nitrile Work Glove by North Safety Products The Worknit® CD by North Safety Products is a nitrile supported, general purpose work glove that is insulated to protect hard working hands in cold work environments. Better than most run-of-the-mill leather palm work gloves - North's Worknit series provide better comfort, abrasion resistance, and grip.
  • Kinematic and Kinetic Modeling
    Kinematic and Kinetic Modeling BodyLanguage is a simple script language developed by Oxford Metrics’ programmers working in conjunction with
  • Sanicare Handcare Products - p.a.w.s. Citrus Scent
    Sanicare Handcare Products - p.a.w.s. Citrus Scent Safetec has added a fresh cool citrus scent to the p.a.w.s. family of antimicrobial hand wipes
  • EPRI Isokinetic Sampling Nozzle Jonas, Inc. offers EPRI Isokinetic Sampling Nozzles for liquids or gases
  • Wireless Headset
    Wireless Headset The PowerCom is a wireless communication headset that features wide foam filled ear cushions, a lightweight design, and an
  • SURETY Anchorage Slings
    SURETY Anchorage Slings The SURETYAnchorage Slings are used as a ling between the anchorage structure and the connector (wrapped around the appropriate structure).
  • OX Series Eyewear
    OX Series Eyewear Exclusive Leader long-lasting anti-fog and scratch-resistant protection, as well as anti-static and anti-UV
  • 479 Cushion Trax
    479 Cushion Trax Diamond deck plate vinyl top surface provides non-directional traction and easy cleaning
  • Weather Tight Spill Containment
    Weather Tight Spill Containment Keep Out Rain Water and others with our Lockable Weather Tight Spill Containment Pallets
  • GOLD MEDAL Gourmet Gift Certificates
    GOLD MEDAL Gourmet Gift Certificates For those special promotions or contests, let us create a customized Omaha Steaks gourmet Gift Certificate just for you
  • Development of Equipment Lists Construction of facility equipment lists that enhance the development of procedures and consequences of deviation
  • The Falcon Range of Measurement Microphones
    The Falcon Range of Measurement Microphones All Falcon™ Range products have optimised mechanical designs and employ carefully selected materials and alloys
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