• Next Generation Dyneema® Cut Level 3 Glove
    Next Generation Dyneema® Cut Level 3 Glove The NorthFlex™ series Light Task Plus 3™ cut level 3 glove offers twice the cut resistance of a cut level 2 glove. Workers accustomed to wearing a lighter cut level 2 glove will appreciate the dexterity, tactility, and lightweight feel retained by this new generation cut-resistant glove.
  • Eyewear Retainer
    Eyewear Retainer Constructed to conform with the “catch and release” policy of many safety programs, the Safety Chum is designed to
  • 415 Shielded Sof-Tred
    415 Shielded Sof-Tred Closed cell PVC sponge relieves leg and back discomfort
  • V-Neck Pique Sweatshirt
    V-Neck Pique Sweatshirt Textured 10-oz. 100% cotton pique with a stylish, high v-neck
  • MSDS Data Entry Services Loading Material Safety Data Sheets into an MSDS management software system is an important issue to address when opting for a computerized solution
  • Transforming Chairs
    Transforming Chairs New Leap chairs contour to your spine and continually
  • Lead-based paint Consulting The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has called lead the "number one environmental health hazard facing American children."
  •  500 Model Work Light
    500 Model Work Light The ABL 500 is a compact, light weight work light for mining, construction, forestry, recreational, and agricultural equipment.
  • AmeriVap Commercial / VaporBlitz II Commercial Cleaning and Sanitizing System
    AmeriVap Commercial / VaporBlitz II Commercial Cleaning and Sanitizing System The AmeriVap Commercial / Vapor Blitz II is a commercial cleaning and sanitizing system using low pressure, high temperature dry steam vapor
  • Convoy Wood Primer Convoy Wood Primer is sued to prime bare wood prior to application of Convoy II. Coverage is approximately 300 sq. ft. per gallon.
  • Lite-Lok Flashlight Holder
    Lite-Lok Flashlight Holder The Ultimate Flashlight Holder!
  • UniSet E1 CO Detector
    UniSet E1 CO Detector Single point CO detector with one relay ouptut for fan activation
  • In-line Document Holder
    In-line Document Holder This product encourages computer users to adopt and maintain neutral body postures, creating a healthy and
  • Bandana
    Bandana Soak this bandana for 7 to 9 minutes and stay cool for up to 72 hours...
  • North Frontier Series Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
    North Frontier Series Self Contained Breathing Apparatus North Frontier SCBA is as easy to use as it is rugged. Designed for the industrial user, this self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) features uncomplicated components that are dependable and easy to maintain
  • Ergonomics 2000
    Ergonomics 2000 Excellent new video covers computers and workstations
  • Butyl Viton
    Butyl Viton The Viton® II chemical resistant glove is the world’s first unlined Viton® glove with a Butyl rubber inner liner
  • Astrospec OTG 3001
    Astrospec OTG 3001 Designed to fit over-the-glass, the Astrospec OTG® 3001™ is ideal for prescription glass wearers or those who need larger safety glass
  • Air Sampling Service Air sampling evaluations are conducted to assess and document employee exposures to toxic substances found in
  • Quicklink Reward Pen
    Quicklink Reward Pen This pen allows a manager to walk around and reward/recognize any behavior.
  • Annual Retraining Kits All recent OSHA regulations require that employees be "retrained" at least once a year
  • Accident Investigation Once an accident has happened it can’t be undone, but a recurrence can be prevented
  • Safety Fencing
    Safety Fencing The patented design of this Nite Lite fencing provides continuous visual delineation with three highly reflective
  • Titan B-Compliant™ Roof Kits
    Titan B-Compliant™ Roof Kits The new Titan B-Compliant™ Roof Kits provide a complete fall protection solution for roofing applications. The kits simplify product selection by providing all of the components necessary for fall protection safety and to meet federal OSHA compliance.
  • Gas Detection Instruments
    Gas Detection Instruments Gas detection instruments are available for workers entering confined spaces
  • Bausch & Lomb PC Magni-Viewer
    Bausch & Lomb PC Magni-Viewer BAUSCH & LOMB PC Magni-Viewer eliminates the eye strain, headaches and discomfort that often result from struggling to see the monitor screen clearly
  • Ergonomic Analysis and Work Place Injury Prevention / Safety Compliance Programs Working with the employer, OneComp develops injury incidence reduction programs designed to provide the services and communication needed to achieve your loss reduction goals
  • Soft Foam Earplugs
    Soft Foam Earplugs High NRR 31 rating is suitable for most industrial environments
  • 2007 National Electrical Safety Code® and Handbook Set This standard covers basic provisions for safeguarding of persons from hazards arising from the installation, operation, or maintenance of 1) conductors and equipment in electric supply stations, and 2) overhead and underground electric supply and communication lines
  • EPRI Isokinetic Sampling Nozzle Jonas, Inc. offers EPRI Isokinetic Sampling Nozzles for liquids or gases
  • Hard Hat Faceshield Adapter
    Hard Hat Faceshield Adapter Now even if someone accidentally bought a non-Sellstrom hard hat, it can quickly be converted into a total head protection unit
  • 3D Motion Analysis Systems
    3D Motion Analysis Systems The Vicon 512 system utilizes 12 cameras, allowing the
  • Airport Parka
    Airport Parka Two large cargo pockets with flaps and two fleece lined hand warmer pockets
  • Coat, Aluminized Features of the Coat, Aluminized
  • ITEM #371350
  • Top Grain Leather
    Top Grain Leather We make our Rough Rider work gloves from soft, top grain leather, and use a pattern proven over decades.
  • Impact Mitt
    Impact Mitt Great fit and styling
  • Signature Select Optimax Full Facepiece
    Signature Select Optimax Full Facepiece Silicone facepiece includes soft face seal flange allowing one-size-fits-all convenience and reduced inventory costs
  • Anti-Vibration Gloves
    Anti-Vibration Gloves The numbing effects of constant vibration and the repetitive motion of working with power tools creates special problems for workers can be dealt with using the company’s anti-vibration glove designs
  • Tag Labels and Bar Codes
    Tag Labels and Bar Codes These valve tag labels and bar codes provide a systematic approach to labeling valves and
  • NorthFlex™ Red™ NF11 Work Glove by North Safety Products
    NorthFlex™ Red™ NF11 Work Glove by North Safety Products The NorthFlex™ Red™ NF11 Foamed PVC Palm Coated Glove is the latest advanced palm-coated, general purpose work glove. A form fitting, seamless knit red nylon shell coated with a soft and flexible, black foamed PVC coating offers superior comfort, fit, dexterity, tactility, abrasion resistance, and a sure grip — even on wet surfaces!
  • Professional On-Site Respirator Processing
    Professional On-Site Respirator Processing General Information for the MRF 60
  • 1500 Model Twin Beam Work Light
    1500 Model Twin Beam Work Light The ABL 1500 is a 3x5 inch work light with two H3 halogen bulbs.
  • SoftEdge
    SoftEdge SoftEdge is made with expanded-vinyl foam that's extra-soft, reducing pressure on skin while protecting you from hard work-surface edges
  • Boas Safety Glasses
    Boas Safety Glasses Features of the Boas Safety Glasses are:
  • Chemical Safety Training Module
    Chemical Safety Training Module This module provides the student with an overview of the requirements of OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR §1910.1200) and chemical safety information covered under the OSHA Laboratory Safety Standard (29 CFR §1910.1450).
  • Liquid Proof, Nitrile Supported  Glove for Multiple Solvent Handling Applications
    Liquid Proof, Nitrile Supported Glove for Multiple Solvent Handling Applications If you need a great liquid proof glove for multiple solvent handling applications then choose North’s Nitri-Knit™ Glove. A unique textured finish gives you a sure grip on oily, wet or dry objects. A tough nitrile outer layer, and comfortable knit inner layer, resists snags, cuts, abrasion and punctures from mechanical hazards. North’s Nitri-Knit Glove helps you multitask on the job.
  • OSHA Written Programs This program provides a professional review of your business.
  • Heat Reflective Faceshield
    Heat Reflective Faceshield The HR-Series Heat Reflective Faceshield is an efficient
  • Chemical Protective Apparel
    Chemical Protective Apparel Available in a variety of styles and colors, HAZARD-GARD garments provide resistance to many liquid and
  • Overhead Crane Safety
    Overhead Crane Safety This comprehensive training program is designed for companies that use indoor cranes and jib hoists
  • Analog Addressable Control Panel
    Analog Addressable Control Panel The Identiflex 610, a fourth-generation fire alarm control panel, provides the monitoring and control of analog sensors and addressable input and output devices
  • Golden Eagle Over -Head Earmuff
    Golden Eagle Over -Head Earmuff Tested at NVLAP accredited laboratory
  • Fortress Structural Gate
    Fortress Structural Gate Fortress Structural Gate, manufactured by The Tymetal Corporation, is a cantilever system of unique double track design appropriate for openings
  • Electrochemical Sensors
    Electrochemical Sensors The design of the DraegerSensor XS electrochemical sensor offers stability for long operation life, as well as stability in changing temperature pressures and humidity
  • TurtleSkin® Triumph Gloves
    TurtleSkin® Triumph Gloves These versatile TurtleSkin® Triumph Gloves offer the perfect combination of dexterity and protection
  • Hands-Free Hydration System
    Hands-Free Hydration System WaterPro is a personal hydration system well suited for workers in a range of industries including chemical plants,
  • INDURA® Ultra Soft® Protective Clothing INDURA Ultra Soft is a fully flame resistant blend of 88% Cotton/12% High Tenacity Nylon that offers an excellent balance for protective clothing which includes
  • Shoulder Guard
    Shoulder Guard The W.I.P.S. Shoulder Guard assists in supporting and preventing injury and irritation to the shoulders and backs
  • HAIRscreen
    HAIRscreen The test for 90-day drug use history that begins with a few strands of hair.
  • S73 Avanti
    S73 Avanti Duramide frame with high gloss finish makes Avanti an exceptional performer in eye safety
  • Health & Safety Training To assure your facility’s compliance with federal and state health & safety regulations and reduce the number of injuries to your employees, Premier Autoworkers Inc. offers a complete listing of health & safety training
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods No instructor is necessary for the TDG Self-Teach program,
  • 332 Brown Duck Coat
    332 Brown Duck Coat Hip length coat has a bi-swing back to allow complete freedom of movement
  • Forklift Safety Course
    Forklift Safety Course With this course, users can train just one or thousands of
  • 120 Reggie Steel Toe
    120 Reggie Steel Toe Comfort rated -15º F.
  • American Allsafe Co. Covering Force LBC7
    American Allsafe Co. Covering Force LBC7 Glasses feature a seven base curve lens to provide excellent peripheral vision without distortions
  • Flents Stealth Earmuff 2700
  • Halt! Dog Repellent
    Halt! Dog Repellent Halt! products use Capsaicin, a naturally occurring extract of peppers
  • Eyewash Unit w/ Wall Bracket and Tail Piece
    Eyewash Unit w/ Wall Bracket and Tail Piece Galvanized Steel Pipe and Waste Tee With Floor Flange Protected with BRADTECT™ Safety Yellow Coating
  • HandiMark
    HandiMark The HandiMark's lightweight, hand-held design and rechargeable battery or AC power supply make it ideal for applications in plant or in the field - wherever you need a label right away
  • Encon NASCAR Safety Glasses
    Encon NASCAR Safety Glasses In the race for superior eye protection, these lightweight, durable glasses take the checkered flag
  • Model 108
    Model 108 Battery powered quartz movement. Water-resistant. Plain gold plated case with protective lacquer coating
  • Cobra 467-FluoroSolv Glove
    Cobra 467-FluoroSolv Glove FluoroSolv Glove, is an exciting new process that incorporates the superior chemical protection of Fluoroelastomers and Nitrile
  • Haz Mat Protection - Eagle Safety Cans
    Haz Mat Protection - Eagle Safety Cans Thank you for visiting Eagle Manufacturing Company, an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of innovative industrial safety, haz-mat, and storage products
  • Personal Light The Cube Lite is a high-intensity flashing visual indicator that allows instant recognition of personnel
  • ITEM # 300350
  • T-2 Slimline Neckband Earmuff
    T-2 Slimline Neckband Earmuff Designed to fit under all major welding helmets
  • Staffing Medical qualifications, credentialing and staffing are important components of Medcor's services
  • Vibration Reducing Gloves A series of vibration reducing gloves is engineered to provide protection from various vibration frequencies
  • The Falcon Range of Measurement Microphones
    The Falcon Range of Measurement Microphones All Falcon™ Range products have optimised mechanical designs and employ carefully selected materials and alloys
  • Multi-Purpose ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers
    Multi-Purpose ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers Effective on Class A, B and C fires, including ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids as well as electrical equipment
  • Contracting Contractors cannot afford accidents
  • 25 Person Bulk First Aid Kit - Metal 25 Person Bulk First Aid Kit, metal case - 1 each This 104-piece first aid kit is ideal for contractors, fleet vehicles, work sites or small companies with up to 25 employees.
  • Flex-Tuff Coated Work Glove
    Flex-Tuff Coated Work Glove An excellent alternative to leather palm work gloves
  • Ear Muffs
    Ear Muffs Diamond 100 (NRR 22) is Howard Leight's newest jewel in the crown
  • Manufacturing Liberty Mutual offers an extensive range of consulting services to the manufacturing industry
  • Flame-Resistant Clothing Line
    Flame-Resistant Clothing Line This Flame-Resistant Workwear is made from Nomex IIIA
  • Welding Fume Filtration Unit
    Welding Fume Filtration Unit Engineered as a high efficiency, personal welding fume filtration unit, the PFX-1400 can be transported to the welding site
  • Preventing Workplace Violence Training Module
    Preventing Workplace Violence Training Module This training provides the student with information on how to recognize workplace security hazards and risk factors, measures to prevent workplace assaults and what to do when an assault occurs, including emergency action and post-emergency procedures.
  • Bee Bopper Wasp and Hornet Spray
    Bee Bopper Wasp and Hornet Spray This powerful weapon kills bees, wasps, and hornets!
  • On-site and Classroom Training
    On-site and Classroom Training PSM Elements Training, Process Overview Training, Process Specific Training, Training in the use of digital cameras and file management
  • Climate-Controlled Collar
    Climate-Controlled Collar This soft, pliable KOOLCOLLAR wraps around the neck to provide comfortable 65° or 8565°F relief for
  • 3M™ Noise Indicator NI-100
    3M™ Noise Indicator NI-100 The new 3M Noise Indicator alerts users to potentially dangerous noise levels, helping identify areas where hearing protection may need to be worn. Users simply clip the Noise Indicator to a shirt or jacket; its LED light delivers a clear indication when noise levels exceed a potentially hazardous threshold.
  • Aisle Lighting System
    Aisle Lighting System Hed-Lite is a linear lighting system that has a lens that
  • Electric Hand Trucks
    Electric Hand Trucks These safety moving systems feature a power lift wheel
  • Miller 2-Legged Web Lanyard
    Miller 2-Legged Web Lanyard Features include 3 plated locking snap hooks with 3/4' openings
  • Diver Cooling System
    Diver Cooling System The CORETECH RC4 Driver Cooling System provides effective body cooling for overheating drivers in multi-layer fire suits and hot cockpits
  • Tripletec Plus G44R Industrial Cleaning Gloves
    Tripletec Plus G44R Industrial Cleaning Gloves Triple dip latex glove coated with a thin third coating of nitrile for longer life
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