• North Safety Products Ltd.
    North Safety Products Ltd. North Safety Products is a global manufacturer of personal protection equipment
  • PC Compliance Safety Management Software v3.0: Network Version: 5 Users
    PC Compliance Safety Management Software v3.0: Network Version: 5 Users Simplify your OSHA accident & illness recordkeeping & reporting - automatically!
  • Cellular Protection System The FDA recently established a 3 to 5 year study in cooperation with the cell phone industry to determine the
  • Hearing Protector
    Hearing Protector The Twin-Cup is a personal hearing protector for extremely high
  • Jonas, Inc. Turbine Rupture Disk Covers The Jonas, Inc. Turbine Rupture Disk Covers fit most rupture disk housings and stop or prevent air leakage into the vacuum part of the steam system
  • Skylight Safety Screen
    Skylight Safety Screen The Model F skylight screen is developed to provide a cost-effective, easy to install prevention to falls through
  • Deluxe Anti-Vibration Gel Gloves
    Deluxe Anti-Vibration Gel Gloves Use for medium to high impact tools, power tool and general industry. Protects against vibration
  • Professional On-Site Personnel Support
    Professional On-Site Personnel Support The On-Site services Division of UniTech supplies personnel, equipment, and mobile process facilities to the industry
  • Sound Star Over-Head Earmuff
    Sound Star Over-Head Earmuff Even four point pressure distribution combined with Soft-Seal ear cushions provide long lasting comfort and very little squeeze.
  • School Crosswalk Safety Products
    School Crosswalk Safety Products In an effort to reduce the chances of accidents happening at schools, the manufacturer developed the Green Cross
  • Warrior Turnouts
    Warrior Turnouts Turnouts For Structural Firefighting
  • Occupational Safety & Health (Industrial Hygiene) Evaluations are conducted to assist clients in the identification, evaluation and control of hazards
  • Employee  Gifts and Premiums
    Employee Gifts and Premiums When you order a package, we can insert your special items into the cooler upon request
  • Deluxe Disposable Respirator With Built-In Odor Relief
    Deluxe Disposable Respirator With Built-In Odor Relief North’s 8145P95 disposable filtering facepiece offers nuisance level odor relief from organic vapors, acid gases, and ozone as well as P95 protection from all particulates including oil-based aerosols. The 8145P95’s deluxe features are designed to enhance worker productivity by providing a more secure fit, greater comfort, and reducing fogging of eyewear.
  • North Safety Products’ A49 and A49R Everest Wide Brim HDPE Hard Hats
    North Safety Products’ A49 and A49R Everest Wide Brim HDPE Hard Hats The wide brim Everest hard hat by North Safety Products is ideal for construction, utilities, mining, forestry, the oil industry and other demanding indoor or outdoor work environments.
  • Hearing Bands
    Hearing Bands The newest legacy from Howard Leight...the next generation of Quiet Bands
  • Eye Wash
    Eye Wash The Kleen Eyes eyewash products irrigate both eyes simultaneously with gentle streams of aerated water
  • Ergonomic Wheels
    Ergonomic Wheels Neoprene wheels are designed to survive the harshest environments and operating conditions, while reducing back
  • StarLite Spectacles
    StarLite Spectacles An integral unitary lens with two distinct viewing areas is incorporated into the Starlite safety eyewear
  • Protective Respirators
    Protective Respirators The 88 Series respirator was designed to protect the head, neck and torso from abrasive rebound during
  • StanZoil NL-34, NL-36, NL-52 & W-39
    StanZoil NL-34, NL-36, NL-52 & W-39 NL Series Neoprene line features a unique multi-layer construction, to avoid the thin spots and pinholes common to single-dipped supported gloves.
  • Seat Cushion
    Seat Cushion The Heavy Duty Gelfoam Seat Cushion provides enhanced protection from vibration and shock
  • Hammer Safety Strap
    Hammer Safety Strap The Hammer Lock is a stretchable locking strap for hammer
  • Miller EPIC Barrier Systems
    Miller EPIC Barrier Systems Most commonly used in building construction and in elevated areas where multiple workers are exposed to leading edges, the Miller EPIC Barrier Systems provide durable and reusable safety solutions for multiple workers, and also serve as debris containment barriers.
  • Lightly Powdered Disposable Latex Glove
    Lightly Powdered Disposable Latex Glove Lightly powdered, 5 mil. non-sterile stretchable latex for skin-tight fit
  • 5-Piece Uni-Hoist System
    5-Piece Uni-Hoist System Uni-Hoist was built on custom designed units created to address the non-ideal confined space (i.e.) tanker trailers, rail cars, barges, hydro electric transformers, etc.
  • Justrite Smokers Cease-Fire Receptacle
    Justrite Smokers Cease-Fire Receptacle Keep Your Property Clean and Free of Cigarette Butts
  • Insulated Coveralls
    Insulated Coveralls The IC-100 Insulated Coverall offers seven pockets, knit cuffs, an elastic waistband, and a hard hat hood
  • Executive Ergonomic Seating
    Executive Ergonomic Seating Kinesiologist designed support and graceful, styling for executives, managers and conference guests
  • Safety Rewards
    Safety Rewards In factories, refineries, construction sites and other potentially hazardous work environments, it's helpful to
  • Electronic date and time stamp module Greater user ability to verify proper performance of an entire fire detection system is made possible by the new Det-Tronics electronic date and time stamp module
  • Glove-N-Time Sav'rs Handy versatile 7"x10" barrier bags in dispenser box
  • Dr. Martens Safety Boots
    Dr. Martens Safety Boots Unique air-cushioned soles are resistant to oil, fat, acid, petrochemicals and alkali
  • Team Development System The workplace is being revolutionized by the transition to team-based work systems. Increasingly, organizations are moving to team models based upon their level of readiness.
  • Industrial Work Safe
    Industrial Work Safe Industrial WorkSafe is a rugged anti-fatigue mat, some say it's our most comfortable product! It offers enhanced safety, cleanliness and above all, worker comfort in wet, dry and greasy work areas.
  • Anti-Vibration Gloves
    Anti-Vibration Gloves Ideal for use with hand-held vibrating pneumatic and impact tools.
  • Unitized First Aid Kits
    Unitized First Aid Kits Take the finest individually wrapped components, place them in our heavy-duty, gasketed plastic or metal cases
  • Super 3000 Technology Class
    Super 3000 Technology Class Offering all the same extensive option and adjustability features as the Super 2000, the new Super 3000 can be purchased with either a 8" (200 mm) tall gas lift or with a 10" (270 mm) extra tall gas lift
  • Stair Crossover Systems
    Stair Crossover Systems This Stair Crossover System is one solution for safe and
  • DoverPac® Flexible Containment Systems
    DoverPac® Flexible Containment Systems

    ILC has adapted the DoverPac® Flexible Containment Technologies to include enclosures for almost any process. Use of the ArmorFlex® film and integral gloves and sleeves will support operations from filter dryer discharge and heel removal to tray dryer loading and unloading.

  • PTO Powered Post Hole Diggers EM5000
    PTO Powered Post Hole Diggers EM5000 Boom & U-frame - 2-7/8" diameter pipe
  • Industrial Safety Products
    Industrial Safety Products In today’s industrialized workplace, "fresh air" is not a luxury - it is a life-saving necessity. By providing
  • Custom Programming Services While most of the user's needs are usually met with the standard software, we appreciate the unique needs of our customers and are most willing to make that special enhancement or add that special user-specific report
  • Electrical Safety Products Catalog
    Electrical Safety Products Catalog This 11-page catalog features a number of products, ranging
  • Health Services Exponent’s staff of epidemiologists, physicians, toxicologists, and other health care professionals applies
  • SURETY Sure-Line
    SURETY Sure-Line The SURETY Sure-Line performance has a dramatic effect on the way architects, engineers, and safety professionals select a Horizontal Lifeline
  • BioRelief
    BioRelief BioRelief is a breakthrough, self-administered, massage device...
  • 3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator
    3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator The 3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator replaces the 8710 respirator
  • The Wave Over-Head Earmuff
    The Wave Over-Head Earmuff Soft-Seal ear cushions provide exceptional comfort and fit.
  • Custom Safety Scoreboard
    Custom Safety Scoreboard These 20" x 28" signs have a baked enamel finish on 20 gauge steel
  • Manufacturing Liberty Mutual offers an extensive range of consulting services to the manufacturing industry
  • Premium Nitrile Gloves
    Premium Nitrile Gloves Montgomery Nitrile Gloves provide superior comfort
  • Self-Retracting Lifelines
    Self-Retracting Lifelines Turn a fall into a reduced impact force by incorporating an internal steel compression plate activated during a fall by the use of inertia
  • Quilt-Lined Satin Award Jacket
    Quilt-Lined Satin Award Jacket 100% nylon satin outershell is insulated with 5-oz. polyester fiberfill
  • Compliance Support Our assistance is provided with emphasis on good-faith compliance, the due-process principle of fairness and prevention of litigation and regulatory complaints.
  • Visitor Spectacle
    Visitor Spectacle Engineered for use as visitor eyewear, the visitor spectacles are construced of 100% polycarbonate for a clear, lightweight product with a high degree of impact resistance
  • Wearbale Products
    Wearbale Products Our wearable products are worn on the body and are designed to help workers two ways
  • Safety Light Curtain Enclosure for Wash-down Applications
    Safety Light Curtain Enclosure for Wash-down Applications IP67 Enclosures reduce downtime and increase the life of the light curtain, while having no ill effect on its sensing range
  • CardEx MasterCard IncentiveCard
    CardEx MasterCard IncentiveCard The CardEx MasterCard IncentiveCard is one of the most effective motivational tools available today!
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders Safety Video An unexpected release of energy from a compressed gas
  • SMART Health and Safety Module The SMART Health and Safety Module was designed to help industrial hygienists and health and safety program managers operate their compliance programs more effectively and satisfy OSHA employee recordkeeping requirements
  • MI 24 Automatic Impedence Screener
    MI 24 Automatic Impedence Screener You demand performance and speed from your impedance screener
  • Gate Valve Lockouts
    Gate Valve Lockouts These Gate Valve Lockouts are constructed of durable, non-adherent plastic to resist chemicals and hot and
  • Switch-Off Safety Mat
    Switch-Off Safety Mat Employee safety is a top priority today, especially with the increase in automated assembly lines and the use of robotics
  • OG T1100 Series ‘Over the Glasses’ Safety Eyewear
    OG T1100 Series ‘Over the Glasses’ Safety Eyewear OG T1100 Series ‘Over the Glasses’ Safety Eyewear by North Safety Products features a large frame design that offers excellent coverage and protection over prescription eyewear.
  • Personal Protection - Universal Precaution Kit
    Personal Protection - Universal Precaution Kit Contains items mandated by OSHA, CDC and state health departments
  • 1110 3M™ Corded Foam Ear Plugs 100 pair per BX 
    1110 3M™ Corded Foam Ear Plugs 100 pair per BX  Corded Foam Ear Plugs 1110 conform to the unique shape of each ear for excellent hearing protection and comfort.
  • Contractor Supplies and Safety Products
    Contractor Supplies and Safety Products We have the size for you. Lifetime guarantee
  • Self Erecting Marker Post
    Self Erecting Marker Post Single-piece design, self-erecting post both rugged and flexible
  • Wall Mounted Gas Monitor
    Wall Mounted Gas Monitor The Guardian is a brand new family of wall mounted, continuous gas monitors available for Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Oxygen, Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Chloride, Nitrogen Dioxide, Nitric Oxide, Hydrogen, Phosphine and others
  • Radio Network Contoller (RF7300)
    Radio Network Contoller (RF7300) The RF7300/DMP703 combination carries a unique UL listing as a Proprietary Supervising Station Fire Alarm System and is listed also for Remote Supervising Station Service per UL864.
  • InspectAir Carbon Dioxide Meter InspectAir Carbon Dioxide Meter is a small, portable instrument that measures concentrations
  • Litigation Support Our toxicologists have worked with both defense and plaintiff attorneys as well as corporate counsel, district attorneys and prosecutors on a variety of toxin related issues.
  • Flents Quiet Please Earplugs
  • Accident Prevention Safety Sign
    Accident Prevention Safety Sign Features:
    • Dimensions: 10x14
  • Wool Liners
    Wool Liners This glove is a version of the old G.I. liner that easily fits inside most gloves as a warm liner or as an outer shell
  • First Aid Station
    First Aid Station A complete first aid station is available for company’s safety concerns
  • Docking Station
    Docking Station The DS1000 docking station is an instrument /data management system that simultaneously controls up to
  • Pendant-Controlled Crane Safety The interactive CD-ROM format of this program is designed to appeal to new and experienced crane operators, keeping
    POWER/BLOC™ The POWER/BLOC™ lock-out system by Safety Design is made to adapt to any and all molded circuit breaker panels
  • Universal Harness Series
    Universal Harness Series The Universal full body harness is designed to fit most workers in the range of 130 to 310 pounds
  • OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training If you or your employees want to do any work involving hazardous wastes, you know that, before starting, you need OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER Certification
  • PC Compliance Safety Management Software v3.0: Network Version: 1 User
    PC Compliance Safety Management Software v3.0: Network Version: 1 User Simplify your OSHA accident & illness recordkeeping & reporting - automatically!
  • Ergomat F-Mat®
    Ergomat F-Mat® Fire-retardant and chemical resistant anti-fatiuge mat in polyurethane
  • Thermal Imager
    Thermal Imager This thermal imager has computer chip technology and an Ultem thermoplastic
  • Carton Cutter
    Carton Cutter Carton Cutter is the safest and easiest way to open cartons
  • Skylight Screen
    Skylight Screen The model A FallGuard skylight screen was developed in response to OSHA Regulation 29CFR 910.23 (e)(8) NIOSH Alert
  • 3M™ Organic Vapor Monitor 3510, with Prepaid Analysis 1 per PK 
    3M™ Organic Vapor Monitor 3510, with Prepaid Analysis 1 per PK  The 3M™ Organic Vapor Monitor 3510 uses a single charcoal sorbent wafer for collecting organic vapors.
  • OHSTprep Version 2.0
    OHSTprep Version 2.0 The OHSTprep software gets you ready for the OHST exam. The program, with over 1400 interactive questions, answers and full technical explanations with references, analyzes your knowledge in seven different subject areas
  • Personal DataRAM Series
    Personal DataRAM Series

    The pDR Series of nephelometers provide a wide measurement range and unsurpassed precision in a portable, light-weight, user-friendly package for either active or passive sampling. The world's smallest and most versatile direct-reading, personal, aerosol monitors were designed to provide accurate, real-time measurement of airborne particulate concentrations for numerous applications.

  • WC-1/WC-2
    WC-1/WC-2 Peripheral vision of a spectacle, impact protection of a goggle...
  • RC 80
    RC 80 Single stage heating and cooling systems, heat only or cool only, radiant, hydronic, forced air; gas or electric heat (1 stage cool, 1 stage heat)
  • Laser Printed Tags
    Laser Printed Tags These Lock-Out/Tag-Out (LOTO) tags are laser printed and assist in reducing the problems of
  • HAIRscreen 3 Comprehensive drug panel testing for the presence of:
    • Amphetamine/Methamphetamine
    • Cannabinoids (THC/Marijuana)
    • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Introducing: MP Surveyor Pro Indoor Air Quality
    Introducing: MP Surveyor Pro Indoor Air Quality MP Surveyor Pro provides instantaneous monitoring for all IAQ parameters
  • Model 108
    Model 108 Battery powered quartz movement. Water-resistant. Plain gold plated case with protective lacquer coating
  • Back Injury Prevention Program The SAVE A BACK system covers a wide range of physical
  • RC4000 Reel Control
    RC4000 Reel Control Our proven non-contact sensing method provides
  • ThetaShear Accelerometer
    ThetaShear Accelerometer Type 4507 and 4508 are ideal for modal analysis applications involving lightweight structures, where their low weight of 4.8 grams helps to reduce mass loading
  • HPPF 24 & HPPF 30 -OS High Pressure Oscillating Pedestal Fan
    HPPF 24 & HPPF 30 -OS High Pressure Oscillating Pedestal Fan 24" and 30 High Pressure Oscillating Pedestal Fan