• Flents Quiet Please Earplugs
  • Enterprise Management System
    Enterprise Management System Our Enterprise Edition of Online-MSDS provides a corporate solution to MSDS management
  • Smoked Dome for Drop Ceilings
    Smoked Dome for Drop Ceilings High visibility is key to theft deterrence and surveillance effectiveness
  • Environmental Heat Stress Monitoring Systems
    Environmental Heat Stress Monitoring Systems The growing emphasis on worker safety has created a need for the environmental heat stress monitoring system
  • Monitor Arm
    Monitor Arm By getting a monitor and CPU off of the desk, a great deal
  • Executive Ergonomic Seating
    Executive Ergonomic Seating Kinesiologist designed support and graceful, styling for executives, managers and conference guests
  • LMP 10 Halocarbon 11 Monitor The LMP 10 Halocarbon monitor is a dedicated electron capture gas chromatograph
  • T-2 Slimline Neckband Earmuff
    T-2 Slimline Neckband Earmuff Designed to fit under all major welding helmets
  • BodyBilt Big & Tall Chair
    BodyBilt Big & Tall Chair The BodyBilt Chair is available in three sizes and new Executive style to fit the special needs of different people
  • The SafetyGram Custom Newsletter
    The SafetyGram Custom Newsletter The SafetyGram Custom Newsletter will reduce your injuries---studies show that over 90% are read by employees who receive them!
  • NEW BP1000 Series Air-Respirator
    NEW BP1000 Series Air-Respirator North Safety Products brings you the new BP1000 Series backpack air-purifying respirator
  • 8-Hour Confined Space Entry Course This program is geared for all personnel who serve as entrants or attendants in a permit-required confined space
  • Education and Development Programs A comprehensive selection of education and development programs are routinely presented to provide knowledge of regulatory requirements, communicate contemporary management practices and trends, and equip managers to perform more effectively.
  • Loading Arms
    Loading Arms Hemco is a qualified distributor of OPW loading arms
  • SUPEREIGHT® High-Visibility® Protective Caps: For workers who must be seen to be safe
    SUPEREIGHT® High-Visibility® Protective Caps: For workers who must be seen to be safe Workers can enjoy the protection and comfort of Fibre-Metal SUPEREIGHT® head protection with the added protection of super high visibility. SUPEREIGHT® E-2 series hats and caps are available in unique, specially formulated fade-proof Strong Orange and Strong Yellow/Green models that will not fade throughout their service life. Meets ANSI Z89.1 Type I Class E (dielectric), G or C
  • Big and Tall Chair
    Big and Tall Chair The Built2Last 9000 series chair has a vertically adjustable head rest option that
  • Safety Mats
    Safety Mats Safety mats are designed for use in industrial environments where safety enhancement or zone detection is required
  • Class II Safety Vests
    Class II Safety Vests Be sure that workers can always be seen clearly, even in inclement weather conditions
  • Working Lumbar Belt
    Working Lumbar Belt The Safe-T-Belt Working Lumbar Belt is designed using fundamental principles in Orthopedic design.
  • Video Test
    Video Test With the Video Test system, anyone can quickly and easily create and administer multimedia tests over a network
  • Giggle F-1 Laser-Ped
    Giggle F-1 Laser-Ped Alloy frame, adjustable handlebar height
  • Muff
    Muff This Peltor H7a Muff with 27 dB NRR is designed for maximum attenuation in severe noise environments such as jet
  • Harness
    Harness Gemtor full-body harnesses distribute the forces generated during a fall over at least the thighs
  • NERVEPACE 200-VS Nerve Conduction Testing System
    NERVEPACE 200-VS Nerve Conduction Testing System The NERVEPACE 200-VS System includes everything necessary for standard measurement of motor and sensory latency, amplitude, duration, and configuration in the upper and lower extremities
  • Optical Wall Chart
    Optical Wall Chart The optical wall chart features prescription safety frames, accessories and vision screeners
  • iKnex
    iKnex If you perform audits or self-assessments, this product is for you
  • Turnkey Systems A leader in the field of noise abatement since 1977, Acoustical Systems has supplied custom acoustical solutions to industrial
  • Back Support
    Back Support This 8" wide support provides great support for your lower back and abdominal muscles at a small price
  • Existing Operator's Upgrade Course For Fork Lifts In too many cases, operators function on industrial powered trucks with virtually no training
  • Safety Pointers: What's Wrong in This Picture
    Safety Pointers: What's Wrong in This Picture Safety Pointers: What's Wrong in This Picture is the first safety training series based on actual, real-world scenarios that stimulate students to think..
  • P80 Power
    P80 Power P-80 Power is a 12 lead, 12 channel ECG with a sleek and catching design that takes up very little counter space
  • Pro 70-T Shower
    Pro 70-T Shower The high performance Pro 70-T Shower delivers portable, endless hot water in just seconds anywhere, anytime.
  • Integrated PASS Device
    Integrated PASS Device The COMPASS is an NFPA-compliant integrated PASS device
  • ChemExpress&#153 Mercury Monitor
    ChemExpress™ Mercury Monitor Personal Monitors make it easy to get accurate results for monitoring workers' exposure in compliance with OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits
  • HiVis High Visability Rainwear
    HiVis High Visability Rainwear NASCO's HiVis designs and materials comply with the NEW ANSI 107-1999 standard for high visibility clothing and provide protection from many hazards
  • Low-Profile Ear Muffs 1425
    Low-Profile Ear Muffs 1425 Economical, dependable, lightweight ear muffs ideal for everyday use. Ear cups are easy to adjust for a customized fit.
    COACHING THE BACKHOE OPERATOR With today's liability issues, it is no longer acceptable just to train heavy equipment operators in the mechanics of operating the machine
  • Burn Free First Aid Burn Treatment
    Burn Free First Aid Burn Treatment Burn Free (a product of Nortrade Medical) is a unique burn care product which relieves pain naturally
  • 826 Diamond Stat  Conductive Matting
    826 Diamond Stat Conductive Matting A full 9/16 inch thick laminated anti-fatigue mat.
  • The Wallmount System
    The Wallmount System The Wallmount System works on concrete foundations, concrete filled block walls, metal studs, and wood framed walls
  • Back Safety Back injuries are expensive no matter how you calculate the cost
  • North Safety Products Ltd.
    North Safety Products Ltd. North Safety Products is a global manufacturer of personal protection equipment
  • Personal Cooling System The Personal Cooling System is designed for temperatures up to 100° F.
  • Restaurant systems Utilizing years of experience in restaurant fire proteciton-plus the most extensive development and testing facilities in the world-Hiller offers and installs the best restaurant systems such as the liquid agent Ansul R-102.
  • Fuel Storage
    Fuel Storage Made from sturdy galvanized steel, this can is double seamed on the bottom and has seamless sides
  • Metal Framed/Unit Skylights
    Metal Framed/Unit Skylights Manufactured by Plasteco, Inc., acrylic dome skylights have proven themselves as weather resistant and maintenance free
  • MA 790 Automatic Microprocessor Audiometer
    MA 790 Automatic Microprocessor Audiometer The MA 790 automatic microprocessor audiometer adapts to the needs of the most demanding testing programs
  • 25mm PCM and TEM Asbestos Cassettes
    25mm PCM and TEM Asbestos Cassettes Zefon offers a complete line of PCM & TEM 25mm static conductive air sampling cassettes designed and manufactured to meet all applicable NIOSH, OSHA, and EPA standards
  • Ladder Safety
    Ladder Safety The Ladder Safety Grippster for extension ladders slips on the top rung of an extension ladder and keeps it from
  • SKC Pocket Pump Low Flow Air Sampler
    SKC Pocket Pump Low Flow Air Sampler Pocket Pump is the smallest programmable low flow air sample pump available.
  • Uvex Genesis Eyewear
    Uvex Genesis Eyewear Genesis is the first chapter in the book of eye protection
  • Compliance Solution LOTO (Lock-Out, Tag-Out) and LOTO AUDITOR applications typically save 87% to 92% of the time usually needed to
  • AST - Anti Slip Treatment
    AST - Anti Slip Treatment The AST system was developed specifically to combat the slippery conditions on wet tile floors
  • Atlantis Protective Eyewear
    Atlantis Protective Eyewear Be the envy of your peers. It's okay. Not everyone can look as good as you will when you're wearing a pair of glasses from Sellstrom's new Atlantis line
  • Performer Insoles
    Performer Insoles Like the Ultra Performer, these insoles also offer the light weight benefit for sports shoes.
  • Resuscitator Kit
    Resuscitator Kit A disposable resuscitator with all the essential features
    TYVEK DISPOSABLE COVERALLS Protect workers from dry particulate hazards with DuPont
  • Petite Nylon Bag
    Petite Nylon Bag Great Incentive Gift
  • Clean-Dex
    Clean-Dex CLEAN-DEX, the cleanroom extension to the N-DEX family of latex-free, nitrile disposable gloves
  • Array of Clients We have a wide array of clients here at High-Rez
  • Technical Training Services The typical M.H. Chew & Associates, Inc., (CAI) course participant needs to increase their knowledge and skills base and/or meet regulatory requirements.
  • EHS Management Services
    EHS Management Services BBL's Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) group is a leader in research and interpretation of Environmental Health & Safety regulations, agency guidelines, and industry standards
  • Single Ply Floor Mat
    Single Ply Floor Mat This single ply safety and fatigue relief floor matting has been developed for
  • #2940 P95 Particulate Respirator
    #2940 P95 Particulate Respirator NIOSH P95 approved for all oil and solid particulates
  • <i>Responder</i> Decon Shower
    Responder Decon Shower The Choice For Safe Decontamination
  • ergoTool™
    ergoTool™ the TOOL™ system eliminates the need for ergonomic evaluations with an easy-to-use on-line questionnaire
  • 130 Sabre Decalon
    130 Sabre Decalon Constructed of polypropylene fibers heat-cured into a dense vinyl base
  • Area of Rescue/Elevator Emergency Phone
    Area of Rescue/Elevator Emergency Phone The ETP-100MB is an indoor, ADA-compliant hands-free Emergency Phone for use in locations such as: elevators, areas of rescue, stairwells and indoor controlled-access areas
  • Safety Compliance Advisor CD
    Safety Compliance Advisor CD The Safety Compliance Advisor CD is compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Operating systems
  • Safe Attitude Posters®
    Safe Attitude Posters® Careless attitudes are a ticking time bomb
  • In-Plant/ Industrial
    In-Plant/ Industrial Motivation is high to protect employees from excessive noise exposure in order to limit hearing loss liability for the employer and to provide a safe and comfortable work environment
  • Air Purifying Respirator
    Air Purifying Respirator The AO 5 Star is a half mask dual cartridge air purifying respirator that has a cradle suspension, which distributes the
  • Industrial Work Safe
    Industrial Work Safe Industrial WorkSafe is a rugged anti-fatigue mat, some say it's our most comfortable product! It offers enhanced safety, cleanliness and above all, worker comfort in wet, dry and greasy work areas.
  • 3-D Sign Lockout Station
    3-D Sign Lockout Station Features:
    • Lockout / Tagout Sign
  • Chemical Reporting Module
    Chemical Reporting Module The Advanced Chemical Reporting (ACR) Module delivers a platform for facilities that are subject to Emergency
  • Driving Safety Video A 15-minute film on winter driving, Driving Snow: The Keys to Winter Driving is designed to help prepare drivers for highway snow and ice conditions
  • QRAE Plus - Advanced & Compact 4-Gas Confined Space Gas Detector
    QRAE Plus - Advanced & Compact 4-Gas Confined Space Gas Detector The QRAE PLUS is a full-featured, compact, one-to-four sensor confined space gas detector
  • Vts Series Chemical Resistant  Polyethylene Storage Tanks
  • ExoFit™ XP Harnesses
    ExoFit™ XP Harnesses The ExoFit XP’s superior “X” design wraps around the wearer for the ultimate in no-tangle donning and comfortable security.
  • Particle Monitor
    Particle Monitor Rugged continuous on-line, in-line Particle Monitor for monitoring solid particles in gases and liquids, and liquid droplets in gases
  • National Electrical Safety Code® Handbook, Sixth Edition The 2007 NESC Handbook, Sixth Edition, edited by Allen Clapp, is an essential companion to the Code. It gives users insight into what lies behind the NESC's rules and how to apply them
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods No instructor is necessary for the TDG Self-Teach program,
  • Enviryx Inventory Manager Linking MSDS to the product inventory is a key additional service to ultimately receive the full value and capabilities
  • Touch N Tuff
    Touch N Tuff At the top of Ansell's TNT line of 100% nitrile disposable gloves, Touch N Tuff are the absolute finest nitrile disposable gloves you can buy
  • Rear-Guard
    Rear-Guard REAR-GUARD is an electrically interlocked expanding machine-guarding system for reducing worker exposure to hazardous situations around the perimeters of machines and manufacturing processes
  • First Aid Vehicle/Truck Kit
    First Aid Vehicle/Truck Kit This truck kit is well suited for company and construction
  • Ventilation Blower
    Ventilation Blower Eighteen models of ventilation blowers are available, featuring rugged steel construction that is welded and bolted with no rivets
  • 3M&trade; Sound Examiner SE-400 Series Sound Level Meters
    3M™ Sound Examiner SE-400 Series Sound Level Meters The Sound Examiner SE-400 series of sound meters are engineered to accurately measure noise levels in highly variable environments.
  • Free-Air Pumps
    Free-Air Pumps These free-air pumps supply breathable air to workers in contaminated
  • Head and Hearing Protection
    Head and Hearing Protection The Olympic Glove and Safety Company is one of the largest volume distributors of hard hats, both with logos and without.
  • Cone Package System
    Cone Package System The Lambda Warning Cone Package System was designed to provide hazard warning for pedestrians, and is available in
  • Risk Management Contracts
    Risk Management Contracts The manufacturer structures an agreement with customers
  • 3 Piece Heavy Duty Rainsuit
    3 Piece Heavy Duty Rainsuit Great quality, great price on this 3 piece, 35 mm suit PVC on polyester rainsuit
  • SCBA Tester
    SCBA Tester The PosiCheck³ Computerized SCBA Tester automatically determines the operational fitness of the SCBA by means of a series of dynamic tests and functional checks
  • Flents Respirator Wipe Pads
  • Protective Relay Maintenance - Advanced
    Protective Relay Maintenance - Advanced

    Proper testing and maintenance of electromechanical protective relays in industrial distribution systems is paramount to preventing damage to equipment, interruptions to power and accidents resulting in harm to employees.  Deterioration over time can cause failure of components.  Having professionally trained personnel who can properly test and recognize failing equipment is essential to maintaining the integrity of your protection scheme.

  • Dual Spectrum Infrared Flame Detector Optimized for the exacting and rigorous requirements of the semiconductor fabrication and processing industry, the Det-
  • Speciality And Custom Signs
    Speciality And Custom Signs Exitronix manufactures specialty and custom signage tailored to your specific needs
  • Safety Program
    Safety Program Employees who continually practice safety skills are eligible to win prizes with the electronic Wheel of Safety program
  • Prepare For the Unexpected With the New North Safety Biohazard PPE Kit
    Prepare For the Unexpected With the New North Safety Biohazard PPE Kit North Biohazard PPE Kit: Provides personal protection when responding to natural disasters and clean-up of sites exposed to influenza virus. Professional clean-up activities involving the Norovirus typically found in healthcare institutions, cruise ships, schools, hotels and restaurants. For use by medical professionals, law enforcement, correctional facilities and emergency personnel in infectious control. Meets World Health Organization (WHO) protocol recommendations for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).