• SEMP Compliance Known as Process Safety Management (PSM) for many years by refiners and chemical plants
  • Friendship Ring
    Friendship Ring The Inukshuk has been adopted today as a symbol to remind us of our dependence on each other and the value of strong relationships
  • CEA 420 Series Specialized, Stand Alone Gas Sensors
    CEA 420 Series Specialized, Stand Alone Gas Sensors The new CEA 420 Series are remote gas monitoring transmitters that use unique, patented sensors which are highly specific, fast responding, poison resistant, and are unaffected by moisture or temperature changes
  • Isocyanate Sampling Cassette
    Isocyanate Sampling Cassette Cassette collects separately the vapor and aerosol fractions of a 15 minute air sample for HDI, MDI, IPDI, or TDI
  • Waste Cans
    Waste Cans Oily waste cans are essential whenever solvent cloths and
  • Fibre Pile
    Fibre Pile Fibre Pile is a vital Thermal Layer component in the 3 layer System of Dress
  • Drum Storage Buildings
    Drum Storage Buildings Specifically designed for outdoor storage and dispensing from 55-gallon drums containing flammable or combustible liquids
  • Pedestrian Gateway
    Pedestrian Gateway Corridor of Safety” Developed with the same technology as the famous Flexible Marker Post, these devices offer exceptional crosswalk recognition
    NOMEX IIIA SLEEVED JACKET LINER Outer Layer: Flame resistant, 4 1/2 oz. plain weave, NOMEX IIIA
  • Hazardous Containment Work Area
    Hazardous Containment Work Area Specifically designed for isolating hazardous waste materials, the HAZMAX hazardous containment work area has
  • Safety & the Supervisor The company safety manager isn't responsible for safety
  • Dust Adapter for Safety Glasses
    Dust Adapter for Safety Glasses The Dust GoggleGear turns Lexa eyewear into impact/dust goggles by snapping the adapter onto
  • Multi-Gas Detector
    Multi-Gas Detector Designed for field operation, the BW DEFENDER is a multi-gas detector with bright gas/alarm indicators and
  • Disposable Earplug Features Industry's Leading NRR at 33dB
    Disposable Earplug Features Industry's Leading NRR at 33dB Deci 4200™ disposable earplug by North Safety Products features the industry's highest NRR at 33dB.
  • Rehabilitation Process ASTM AdvantEDGE is an innovative therapy, designed to accelerate recovery and restore mobility in patients
  • Industrial Hygiene Data Management
    Industrial Hygiene Data Management IH is the Industrial Hygiene Data Management software developed by industrial hygiene professionals
  • Universal Harness Series
    Universal Harness Series The Universal full body harness is designed to fit most workers in the range of 130 to 310 pounds
  • 385 High Bib Trousers
    385 High Bib Trousers High front and back for additional warmth
  • OHS e-Link Outsourced solution for linking MSDS data to on-line catalogs of chemical manufacturers and distributors
  • Plastic Dot Palm Gloves
    Plastic Dot Palm Gloves Great general purpose protection
  • Application for Control of Hazardous Energy Sources The standard for the control of hazardous energy sources covers servicing and maintenance of machines and equipment
  • ExoFit Harness
    ExoFit Harness The revolutionary ExoFit harness. With state-of-the-art design and materials, it's the safest, most comfortable harness ever made.
  • Cooling Vest
    Cooling Vest Engineered for temperatures up to 100°F, the KloolVest features twin adjustable straps for a comfortable fit
  • Model 340 The Model 340 adds a front panel mode control switch to select among zero, span, or remote calibration modes
  • Medical N-DEX
    Medical N-DEX N-DEX is the world’s first latex-free, nitrile disposable glove
  • Organic Vapor Passive Samplers
    Organic Vapor Passive Samplers SKC 575 Series passive samplers for organic vapors are ready to use and provide a reliable, safe, and economical method for passive workplace air sampling.
  • 100% Titanium Nickel-Free
    100% Titanium Nickel-Free A special plating process using palladium instead of nickel, produces a nickel-free frame.
  • Teflon Coated Lighting Each fluorescent bulb in the Shat-R-Kote line has been completely sealed with DuPont Teflon to contain virtually all glass, phosphors, and debris when a bulb breaks. The bulbs feature one-step, single-person installation
  • Outdoor Safety Cabinets A line of weatherproof outdoor safety cabinets can be used to accumulate a wide range of hazardous waste materials
  • VOC Monitor
    VOC Monitor This handheld VOC monitor is capable of detecting low loevel pressure and volatile organic compounds in the parts-per-billion range
  • ChemExpress&#153 Aldehyde Monitor
    ChemExpress™ Aldehyde Monitor Personal Monitors make it easy to get accurate results for monitoring workers' exposure in compliance with OSHA PELs, STELs and ceiling limits
  • CSTS Lesson and Topics Concepts taught in this topic include: Health and safety responsibilities of employers and the roles and responsibilities of OSHA in the construction workplace
  • Protective Clothing
    Protective Clothing BWS Distributors is a full line distributor of Protective Clothing including
  • Industrial Hygiene & Health and Safety Consultation We can provide comprehensive industrial hygiene services.
  • Highway Professional®  Posters
    Highway Professional® Posters The performance of your drivers - their attitudes, their skills
  • Next Generation Dyneema® Cut Level 3 Glove
    Next Generation Dyneema® Cut Level 3 Glove The NorthFlex™ series Light Task Plus 3™ cut level 3 glove offers twice the cut resistance of a cut level 2 glove. Workers accustomed to wearing a lighter cut level 2 glove will appreciate the dexterity, tactility, and lightweight feel retained by this new generation cut-resistant glove.
  • Fall Protection: Miller DuraHoist™ Confined Space Systems With Two-Piece Mast
    Fall Protection: Miller DuraHoist™ Confined Space Systems With Two-Piece Mast Miller DuraHoist Confined Space Systems provide safe, lightweight, and portable solutions for a variety of confined space applications, including confined space entry, rescue, positioning, and personnel/material handling.
  • IEEE Color Books Industrial Power Pack With unit sales in the tens of thousands spanning nearly two decades, the IEEE Color Books Standards series has earned its reputation as an essential resource for electrical power production, distribution, and utilization in industrial and commercial power systems
  • PlanBee, Critical Path Project Management Tool
    PlanBee, Critical Path Project Management Tool Do you ever have a need to create a schedule or a project management plan
  • Warning Device
    Warning Device The functional, numeric concentration display of the MicroPac single gas measuring and warning device provides users with information
  • Series 9000 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
    Series 9000 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

    The Series 9000 is the candidate of choice whenever accurate, reliable total hydrocarbon analysis is required. Series 9000 analyzer provides unparalleled flexibility and offers continuous, fully automated gas analysis over a broad range of concentrations

  • StanSolv Nitrile Z-Grip A-10, A-15 & AF-18
    StanSolv Nitrile Z-Grip A-10, A-15 & AF-18 StanSolv Z-pattern grip gloves provide an excellent grip even on hard-to-grasp materials.
  • Protective Gloves and Sleeves
    Protective Gloves and Sleeves Grapolator protective gloves and sleeves offer resistance to sharp or jagged edges by combining a stainless steel wire core with tough manmade fibers
  • Oily Waste Can Model 09100 is an oily waste can that is suited for use with solvent cloths and wiping rags
  • Measurement Instrument
    Measurement Instrument Incorporating sensor technology, the manufacturer provides application-specific software and utilizes the power of
  • Pro/Clean
    Pro/Clean Introducing Pro/Clean, the first disposable garment proven to reduce particle shed, enhance comfort, improve protection, and lower your cost.
  • Leadership And Facilitation Skills For Safety & Environmental Improvement Process Reviews The purpose of this course is to provide specific leadership, facilitation, and interpersonal skills
  • Safe-T-Glove (Anti-Vibration Glove)
    Safe-T-Glove (Anti-Vibration Glove) Combines the durability of leather with a shock absorbing elastic polymer gel insert
  • IEEE Safety and Security Standards Series, Vol. 3, Electrical You probably already knew that electrical injuries are classified according to four categories: always fatal electrocutions, electric shock, burns, and falls caused as a result of contact with electrical energy
  • Quicklink Reward Pen
    Quicklink Reward Pen This pen allows a manager to walk around and reward/recognize any behavior.
  • Training Director Online
    Training Director Online A cost effective Learning Management System (LMS) that provides the solutions to meet your organizations Training Needs
  • Miller Vi-Go Ladder Climbing Safety Systems
    Miller Vi-Go Ladder Climbing Safety Systems New Vi-Go Ladder Climbing Safety Systems provide the ultimate in safety with continuous fall protection when climbing fixed ladders. Systems are available in easy-to-install kits or as a build your own option.
    TURNKEY A FREE TURNKEY SAFETY VIDEO TRAINING program is now available from the Bill Sims Company.
  • Single Gas Detector
    Single Gas Detector The PACK RAT is a single gas detector that has a tri-color LED bar-graph ppm readout and an
  • Subscription Service
    Subscription Service Dolphin Online is a subscription service that grants clients the unlimited power to search, view, print and
  • Hearing Protection Devices EHS can provide your employees with all types of economical hearing protection devices including disposable foam plugs, reusable plugs, muffs and electronic and custom earmolds.
  • Harness: Miller® Contractor Harness
    Harness: Miller® Contractor Harness Lightweight for greater comfort, Miller contractor harnesses are specifically designed for use in construction.
  • Prepare For the Unexpected With the New North Safety Biohazard PPE Kit
    Prepare For the Unexpected With the New North Safety Biohazard PPE Kit North Biohazard PPE Kit: Provides personal protection when responding to natural disasters and clean-up of sites exposed to influenza virus. Professional clean-up activities involving the Norovirus typically found in healthcare institutions, cruise ships, schools, hotels and restaurants. For use by medical professionals, law enforcement, correctional facilities and emergency personnel in infectious control. Meets World Health Organization (WHO) protocol recommendations for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • Miller Duraflex E850 and E851 Harnesses
    Miller Duraflex E850 and E851 Harnesses Workers will want to wear these revolutionary universal harnesses because the unique Duraflex fabric stretches for a comfortable fit with no bunching, binding or kinking
  • Regulatory Services Regulatory Services for this company include International Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and label preparation,
  • Injury Incidence Reduction Program
    Injury Incidence Reduction Program Working with the employer, this company develops injury incidence reduction programs designed to provide the
  • E-A-R, Classic, No Cord, Pillow Pack
    E-A-R, Classic, No Cord, Pillow Pack The barrel shape of the E-A-R, Classic, No Cord, Pillow Pack provides a custom fit for each user
  • Hand Truck
    Hand Truck The patent pending SideRoller lateral movement hand truck is designed to solve the age-old problem of transporting
  • Receptacles for Disposal of Solvent-free Combustibles
    Receptacles for Disposal of Solvent-free Combustibles Cease-Fire receptacles are designed to provide safe disposal and accumulation of waste paper and other solvent-free combustibles, which represent one of the three major fire hazards
  • EX Series Eyewear
    EX Series Eyewear A unique biomorphic design combined with a non-slip nosepiece and patented pivoting temple axis delivers all-day ease of wear
  • Double Dipped 12
    Double Dipped 12 Fully coated, double dipped PVC with sandy finish for excellent wet or dry grip
  • Landing Zone Kit This portable landing zone kit helps Paramedic helicopters
  • Fortress Standard Gate
    Fortress Standard Gate The Fortress Standard Gate, manufactured by The Tymetal Corporation, is a cantilever system consisting of single or multiple panels
  • OTC Comfort Tablets
    OTC Comfort Tablets This job is giving me a headache! That cliché may sound funny, but the impact of simple ailments like headaches in the workplace is no laughing matter.
  • Mobile Fluid Handling Systems
    Mobile Fluid Handling Systems Widely used in lube maintenance, these mobile systems take the weight of oil, cans, filters and tools off the backs of
  • Heavy Duty Green
    Heavy Duty Green Heavy Duty Green
  • Planned Maintenance Systems
    Planned Maintenance Systems Durable placards and display systems designed to assure smooth performance of machinery and equipment, as well as ISO compliant document generation.
  • Hearing Bands
    Hearing Bands The newest legacy from Howard Leight...the next generation of Quiet Bands
  • 3M™ Sound Examiner SE-400 Series Sound Level Meters
    3M™ Sound Examiner SE-400 Series Sound Level Meters The Sound Examiner SE-400 series of sound meters are engineered to accurately measure noise levels in highly variable environments.
  • EHS Management Services
    EHS Management Services BBL's Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) group is a leader in research and interpretation of Environmental Health & Safety regulations, agency guidelines, and industry standards
  • SAF-601-NA Easy-Fold Aluminum Pole Stretcher
    SAF-601-NA Easy-Fold Aluminum Pole Stretcher Easily set up and compact for storing
  • Fire Extinguisher Safety Program
    Fire Extinguisher Safety Program The first thirty seconds after discovering a fire is
  • Smoking Shelter
    Smoking Shelter This modular, fully enclosed Air-Flo shelter suits any
  • 1450 3M™ Hard Hat Mounted Ear Muffs 1 per BX 
    1450 3M™ Hard Hat Mounted Ear Muffs 1 per BX  3M™ Hard Hat Mounted Ear Muffs 1450 feature large, lightweight ear cups that attach to a variety of hard hats for convenience.
  • Publications and Resources We provide publications and resources to promote informed management.
  • Glowing Traction Covers
    Glowing Traction Covers These Glo-Traction covers provide protection against slips and falls by providing traction in dangerous areas such as
  • Full Facepiece Respirator
    Full Facepiece Respirator Equipped with a replaceable panoramic visor, an anti-fogging nose cup, a speaking diaphragm and a replaceable harness, the TK2 full
  • 40-Hour Industrial Technical Rescue Training This program is designed for emergency responders who are expected to perform confined space rescue
  • 10 Unit First Aid Kit
    10 Unit First Aid Kit Unitized 10 Unit First-Aid Kit for 1 - 5 People
  • Rad Band
    Rad Band Rad Band
  • Fleet Safety Posters®
    Fleet Safety Posters® If reducing accidents, controlling insurance costs and protecting your company's reputation are important to you
  • Safety And The Supervisor®
    Safety And The Supervisor® If an OSHA inspector showed up at your place today, would you be ready
  • Welder's First Aid Kits by North Safety Products
    Welder's First Aid Kits by North Safety Products Made just for welders, the Welder's Unitized First Aid Kit and Welder's Emergency Burn Kit by North Safety Products put the first aid supplies that welders need right where they can find them fast.
  • Respirator Air Purifiers A line of cartridges and filters provides respiratory protection against industrial air contaminants
  • Safety Baton
    Safety Baton BatonBrite is a safety baton well suited for construction workers, airport crews, railroad workers, fire and police
  • CoolTek Vests
    CoolTek Vests These lightweight vests come in two styles
  • Deluxe Nomex Neck Cooling Wrap
    Deluxe Nomex Neck Cooling Wrap Keep your cool and get all the features of our Deluxe Neck Cooling Wrap with the added benefit of Nomex, fire retardant fabric
  • Ergonomics Newsletter - ErgoAdvisor
    Ergonomics Newsletter - ErgoAdvisor Humantech's quarterly newsletter, ErgoAdvisor*, is packed with information about occupational ergonomics
  • T-2000 Cap Mounted Earmuff
    T-2000 Cap Mounted Earmuff ABS ear cups and acetal arm assembly for maximum temperature resistance and durability.
  • Cough and Throat Medications Cough and Throat Medications
  • ATX612 Multi-Gas Aspirated Monitor
    ATX612 Multi-Gas Aspirated Monitor The ATX612 offers multi-gas monitoring, an internal pump and on-board charger in one convenient package. The instrument can be configured for one to four gas monitoring, allowing for continuous detection of combustible gases, oxygen and one or two toxic gases (including carbon monoxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide or sulfur dioxide)
  • Confined Space
    Confined Space The North FP6600 Tripod is engineered with the user in mind. The aluminum legs are made of square tubing for added lightness and required strength
  • Health@Hand
    Health@Hand This top-quality, premium branded OTC medication vending unit offers a selection of five top brands:
  • SURETY GRAVITY 809 Multi Purpose Full Body Harness
    SURETY GRAVITY 809 Multi Purpose Full Body Harness The Surety Gravity 809 Multi Purpose Full Body Harness was developed and patented in 1995 in response to customer demand