• Air Source Equipment
    Air Source Equipment Five models of ambient air pumps, an oil-less compressor, Air-Carts, filtration panels and accessories, and cascade kits are included in the company’s line of air source products
  • iKnex
    iKnex If you perform audits or self-assessments, this product is for you
  • FBT-P This triple layer hot mill with double rayon liners provides heavy thermal hand protection
  • The Moving Edge Lanyard
    The Moving Edge Lanyard The Moving Edge Lanyard features a flexible extending 'cord' with a belt clip at one end and a key-ring style double hoop at the other
  • OPTX•20/20 Reading Lenses for Safety Glasses
    OPTX•20/20 Reading Lenses for Safety Glasses Safety Lenses removable lenses for safety glasses add magnification to any pair of safety glasses in an instant
  • Industrial Communications Bridge
    Industrial Communications Bridge

    The Model 8051 Industrial Communications Bridge provides a one-device solution that integrates incompatible PLC, DCS, RTU, and SCADA systems easily, neatly and cleanly for the user.

  • Chambray Western Shirt
    Chambray Western Shirt Your Safety message as a walking billboard
  • ProLite Spectacles
    ProLite Spectacles Featuring an eight-base lens and no sideshields, the ProLite spectacle provides 180° of peripheral vision
  • Spring Clamp
    Spring Clamp This spring clamp is static free and has a fiberglass-reinforced nylon design that is
  • Introducing: MP Surveyor II Multi Parameter Air Monitoring
    Introducing: MP Surveyor II Multi Parameter Air Monitoring MP Surveyor Series offer multifunctional monitoring in one comprehensive package
  • Integration of proprietary databases Data management is the battle for all companies today. The demand for fast, accurate information has never been greater
  • Inspection Mirrors
    Inspection Mirrors Lester L. Brossard Company, manufacturer of safety and security mirrors for 50 years, introduces a new line of portable inspection mirrors
  • TUBEsuit 3 Piece Set
    TUBEsuit 3 Piece Set For high work rates in heavy non-breathable ensembles, and/or for extreme ambient temperature conditions
  • <i>NFPA Ensembles</i>
    NFPA Ensembles Only Kappler has three choices for NFPA Certified Protection
  • SpecWare Online
    SpecWare Online SpecWare Online
  • Technic NS-401 Flock Lined - Embossed Diamond Grip Gloves--Black
    Technic NS-401 Flock Lined - Embossed Diamond Grip Gloves--Black Technic single Neoprene layer over two layers of rubber for superior flexibility, tear strength
  • EX Series Eyewear
    EX Series Eyewear A unique biomorphic design combined with a non-slip nosepiece and patented pivoting temple axis delivers all-day ease of wear
  • PowerFlex Plus
    PowerFlex Plus PowerFlex Plus
  • ErgoPal
    ErgoPal Easy to use! Alerts users when to take micro-breaks from keyboard or mouse and indicates a level of risk exposure Simple Visual Indicator This version of ErgoPal is free for individuals for a limited time for non-business usage
  • Lock’it Version 5
    Lock’it Version 5 ID Group is introducing Lock’it Version 5, as an organizational process management (OPM) software for the year 2000
  • Strength Testing

    The need for physical testing for workers in manual materials handling jobs has been recognized by risk managers, personnel specialists, physiologists, occupational physicians and ergonomists increasingly over the past few years.

  • Environmental Health and Safety Solutions Environmental Health and Safety Data Bank (EHSDB) is an environmental, health, and safety (EHS) assessment
  • Safety Light Curtain Enclosure for Wash-down Applications
    Safety Light Curtain Enclosure for Wash-down Applications IP67 Enclosures reduce downtime and increase the life of the light curtain, while having no ill effect on its sensing range
  • Rinse Tanks Model 27220 is a floor-standing rinse tank that is engineered to provide a generously-sized space
  • Data Collection System This is a "subcompact" video data collection system, housed in a "carry-on" luggage case, with wheels and a telescoping
  • Standard Nomex Cooling Vest
    Standard Nomex Cooling Vest Get the same features as the Standard Cooling Vest with added fire retardant Nomex fabric for those applications calling for fire retardant P.P.E.
  • Disposable Lens Cleaning Stations By North Safety Products Increase Safety, Compliance and Eyewear Cost Savings
    Disposable Lens Cleaning Stations By North Safety Products Increase Safety, Compliance and Eyewear Cost Savings Lens Cleaning Stations save time and money. Regular cleaning of safety eyewear prolongs the useful life of eyewear and increases safety and compliance. North’s Disposable Lens Cleaning Stations offer users a “nothing to fill, ready to use” eyewear cleansing solution.
  • Safety Decal
    Safety Decal Turn any mirror or flat surface into a safety message
  • Regulatory Compliance and Litigation Support In OSHA matters, this company can represent a client from the first day of inspection on through full contest and
  • PC200 Touch Switch
    PC200 Touch Switch A capacitive switching device designed to initiate control operations
  • OSHA Compliance OCCU-TEC’s safety professionals work with private and public sector employers to develop comprehensive OSHA compliance programs
  • Construction Safety Kits: Make Issuing Safety Products Easier
    Construction Safety Kits: Make Issuing Safety Products Easier North Safety Products makes the contractor’s job easier by offering Construction Safety Kits with the products contractors need to maintain basic levels of safety and compliance for a transient workforce on their jobsites.
  • Kleenex Facial Tissues
    Kleenex Facial Tissues The first name in facial tissue provides you with 2-ply Kleenex Facial Tissues for your everyday needs
  • Resume Referral Service The Management Resume and Referral Service is a resource to identify qualified professionals to meet your needs.
  • RC4 Driver Cooling System
    RC4 Driver Cooling System The CORETECH™ RC4 Driver Cooling System provides effective body cooling for overheating drivers in multi-layer fire suits and hot cockpits
  • Electrical Safety For Utilities
    Electrical Safety For Utilities

    Utility maintenance personnel are exposed to hazardous voltages on a routine basis. To ensure safe work practices, personnel must understand safety regulations, electrical hazards and the use of safe work procedures and protective equipment. Applying safety regulations properly is essential to preventing accidents and loss of life.

  • Individual OSHA programs Our health and safety professionals customize the details to meet your business requirements.
  • CSI-2100 Command Module
    CSI-2100 Command Module Designed to work in hazardous environments and survive the roughest of handling, the CSI-2100 meets the highest level of Intrinsic Safe Approval while providing safe and efficient communication for people who must work in Confined Spaces and Hazardous Areas.
  • Domestic Preparedness Decontamination Communication Kit
    Domestic Preparedness Decontamination Communication Kit The Domestic Preparedness Decontamination Communication Kit was designed to provide communication for a team of
  • Classic Banners
    Classic Banners 10' Giant banners and 5' Juniors banners are made of tough poly-vinyl
  • 2199 Fur Face
    2199 Fur Face The heavy 100% cotton double-napped “Fur Face” is your ally between your hands and those frigid jobs
  • First Aid Kits for Utilities by North Safety Products
    First Aid Kits for Utilities by North Safety Products North Safety Products offers a full line of First Aid Products designed for the needs of utility companies. Kits include: Unitized First Aid Kits, Emergency Burn Care Kits, Portable First Aid Kits, Bite & Sting Treatment Kits, etc.
  • N-DEX Gloves
    N-DEX Gloves N-DEX gloves bring new levels of tactile sensitivity,
  • The Flex Class 9000 Series
    The Flex Class 9000 Series This exciting new ergonomic offering was designed specifically for those who require maximum lumbar support
  • Toxic Gas Monitor
    Toxic Gas Monitor The Polytron 2 XP Tox is an explosion proof gas detector for continuous monitoring of more than 80 different toxic gases and oxygen in ambient air
  • Millennium III
    Millennium III Rover Data is a small company with 12 years of experience and many satisfied users
  • Existing Operator's Upgrade Course For Fork Lifts In too many cases, operators function on industrial powered trucks with virtually no training
  • HJ-3100 JUMBO Hydraulic Dock Leveler
    HJ-3100 JUMBO Hydraulic Dock Leveler The HJ-3100 JUMBO™ leveler is the industry's premium hydraulic dock leveler
  • Safety Harness
    Safety Harness Featuring synthetic nylon, polyester and specially formulated elastomer webbing designed for mobility and comfort, a non-slip/adjustable chest strap or front D-ring and an injection molded back D-ring, the Duraflex Harness series is available in 13 models for a range of applications
  • Internet-Based Solutions This new suite of Internet-based solutions is designed to
  • Chains, Slings & Hoists Update
    Chains, Slings & Hoists Update Comply with 1910.180. Covers practices for inspection, maintenance & safe use of lifting devices
  • Cotton Tack Cloths
    Cotton Tack Cloths Features of Cotton Tack Cloths
  • Grip Master
    Grip Master Our newest grip kit, in addition to the classic Viscolas material, this vibration dampening tool wrap has an extra layer of super soft, non-slip padding to help reduce an even greater vibration frequency range.
  • Tyvek ProtectiveWear Coveralls
    Tyvek ProtectiveWear Coveralls Improved Tyvek fabric uses an exclusive non-woven structure to produce a more breathable fabric without sacrificing barrier integrity and durability
  • Asbestos (Groups Only)
    Asbestos (Groups Only) This course will provide the necessary training for a worker removing resilient floor covering, according to the new requirements under OSHA 29 CFR 1926.32.
  • Carpal Tunnel Wrist Supports
    Carpal Tunnel Wrist Supports These wrist supports provide needed support to reduce/relieve painful symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • OPTX•20/20 Reading Lenses
    OPTX•20/20 Reading Lenses OPTX•20/20 Reading Lenses turn any style of sunglasses into reading glasses
  • Multi-Station Quick Clamping Vise
    Multi-Station Quick Clamping Vise Multi-Station Quick Clamping Vise
  • Newsletter Program
    Newsletter Program The We-Write-It newsletter program provides companies with a custom-written newsletter for their company
  • Welding
    Welding Uvex has joined with Optrel - the world leader in ADF filter technology - to provide the full line of Optrel welding helmets with solar powered automatic darkening filters
  • Safety Management Services .H. Chew & Associates, Inc., (CAI) provides programmatic safety management and support services. We work with clients to meet operational objectives safely and to resolve programmatic safety and safety management issues.
    MEMPHIS BIG JAKE Made from heavy select chrome tanned side split leather with a 9oz. cotton back and absorbent 8oz. fleece lining,
  • Aros G-Tract
    Aros G-Tract Retractable Lanyards protect workers at risk on basket lift hoist platforms, stacking lift trucks, etc
  • Cooling Jacket
    Cooling Jacket The Kool Jacket Lite features a personal cooling system that circulates cold water through a tubing matrix sewn
  • Safety Rewards
    Safety Rewards In factories, refineries, construction sites and other potentially hazardous work environments, it's helpful to
  • VuRyte Document Holders
    VuRyte Document Holders VuRyte Document Holders position copy directly in line with monitor and keyboard, minimizing neck, shoulder, eye and back strain.
  • Danger Signs
    Danger Signs These signs have a white background with a red oval inside a black rectangular panel
  • ProTech 2000 Protective Clothing
    ProTech 2000 Protective Clothing The First Nuclear Protective Clothing Specifically Designed from Fiber to Finished Garment
  • On-Site Medical Management
    On-Site Medical Management The On-Site Medical Management program affords business, industry and government the one resource needed to meet the
  • Non-Slip Industrial Knee Pads
    Non-Slip Industrial Knee Pads Made of durable cordura nylon
  • Cellular Protection System The FDA recently established a 3 to 5 year study in cooperation with the cell phone industry to determine the
  • Intranet/Internet MSDS Application
    Intranet/Internet MSDS Application NetMSDS provides enterprise-wide search, view and print functionality for MSDSs (html, sgml, text and images) through a web browser
  • Compact Alarm Monitor
    Compact Alarm Monitor The DMP704 is designed to receive up to 100 Direct Connect inputs such as reverse polarity, tones or end-of-line resistor types.
  • Off-the-Job Safety Magazine
    Off-the-Job Safety Magazine Family Safety & Health is a 32-page quarterly magazine that contains home safety and health information, traffic safety tips and
  • Contingency Search Payment of search fees are “contingent” on the hiring of a referred candidate
  • Metal Framed/Unit Skylights
    Metal Framed/Unit Skylights Manufactured by Plasteco, Inc., acrylic dome skylights have proven themselves as weather resistant and maintenance free
  • Series 28-Cusion Flex Frame Goggles
    Series 28-Cusion Flex Frame Goggles Cushion Flex flexible frame goggles are molded from a soft 99% UV inhibitive vinyl material which comfortably & securely conforms to individual facial contours...
  • OHS Global Reference System Searchable, electronic encyclopedia of product safety information for use in assessment and decision-making for global companies
  • CSPrep version 5.0
    CSPrep version 5.0 The CSprep software gets you ready for the CSP exam. The program, with over 2400 interactive questions, answers and full technical explanations with references, analyzes your knowledge in seventeen different subject areas.
  • PowerMark
    PowerMark Instantaneous custom signs and labels are now yours with the PowerMark
  • Affiliate Program Are your site visitors in the Chemical, Health, Environmental, Safety, or Transportation professions
  • Gilian Personal Air Sampling Systems
    Gilian Personal Air Sampling Systems Features of the Gilian Personal Air Sampling Systems
  • Educational Programs/ Speakers Bureau Our toxicologists are available to speak on a variety of topics geared to both the professional and lay audience.
    PAPERLESS INCENTIVE PROGRAM ENDS ADMINISTRATIVE HEADACHES New Star Bucks Online gives you a private website to issue incentive points to your employees
  • OG T1100 Series ‘Over the Glasses’ Safety Eyewear
    OG T1100 Series ‘Over the Glasses’ Safety Eyewear OG T1100 Series ‘Over the Glasses’ Safety Eyewear by North Safety Products features a large frame design that offers excellent coverage and protection over prescription eyewear.
  • NSC Product - Thermostatic Water Controller
    NSC Product - Thermostatic Water Controller The Model 911 Water Controller thermostatically mixes hot and cold water for emergency drench shower applications and eye wash units
  • Stress Relief Products
    Stress Relief Products These stress relief products are designed with ergonomic
  • Wave Zorb
  • Beam Clamp
    Beam Clamp This new fixed beam anchor clamps beams from 12 in. to 36 in. in width up to 2 ½ in. thick and is designed to provide
  • Atrion Document Authoring Maintaining control over compliance data while providing users appropriate safety document management and output capabilities
  • Tacoma
    Tacoma With the Crews Tacoma, you get low-cost protection without giving up quality, safety, comfort or durability
  • Rescue 3, Rescue Training This course emphasizes teamwork through realistic problem-solving exercises
  • Forklift Compliance Kit This Forklift Safety Compliance Package provides the chance to comply with the Powered
  • Raingear for all Applications - 3-Piece Suit
    Raingear for all Applications - 3-Piece Suit The Luminator Series – 2083R is a three-piece suit is constructed of .35MM PVC coated Polyester in fluorescent yellow
    NOMEX LINED BOMBER JACKETS Outershell: Flame resistant, 5.3 oz. Plain Weave, Water Repellent NOMEX IIIA
  • IEEE Safety and Security Standards Series, Vol. 2, Computers and Networks To assist you in developing your organization's software safety, network security, and emergency data management plans, the IEEE Standards Association has prepared a three-volume Safety & Security standards series
  • OHS MSDS ON DISC Desktop delivery of industry standard OHS MSDS collection and related EH&S content
  • First 3 Full Body Harness
    First 3 Full Body Harness Meets or exceeds OSHA 1926 & ANSI Z359.1-1992 performance criteria
    COACHING THE SALES PROFESSIONAL The very personality traits that make sales professionals successful often have the opposite effect on their ability to drive safely